Social Event Planning with Your Own Mobile App

The overall concept of event planning has drastically changed over the years because of the increasing popularity of the Internet. Several decades ago, hiring a professional event planner or meeting coordinator was an essential requirement simple because these experts had the knowledge and networking connections that were needed in order to make sure that all arrangements were made properly and in a timely fashion.

Mobile UI Design Examples

In previous post we’ve brought together a collection of some of our favourite mobile website landing pages. We hope you like our collection. Today we are going to show some well designed mobile app UI interface design examples. As always each design is beautifully designed, user friendly and created with talent.

10 Examples of Mobile Website Landing Pages

In previous post we have featured mobile apps, design websites, business cards. Our today’s article is about mobile websites. In the last few years, there’s been a trend between mobile websites for focusing more traffic to websites. Especially many startups make great mobile landing pages from the side of design, product and use.

Optimizing the Mobile Web Via Apps

Mobility is what moves our world. We live to move from one place to the other, which led to our society’s evolution. Thanks to the introduction of the Motorola Dynatac 800X in 1983, mobile communication was born. Ten years later, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web and the internet was born, forever intertwining the lives of billions of people on the planet.