When is it Time to Stop Testing Your Website?

The ongoing testing of your website is crucial to ensuring that it’s both compatible with different online standards, and that the user experience is as strong as possible. Primarily, it’s important to remember that a site is never going to be perfect, with continuous testing necessary to work out what improvements you need to make; this process can range from initial testing of a site, through to optimising it for SEO and conversion rate optimisation. With all these approaches, the end goal is a well designed and scalable site that can adapt to different devices over time.

Best Ten Tips to Avoid Web Design and Graphic

For a business organization, it is important for them to have an attractive and a useful website with the help of which they can gain reputation and recognition in the world of internet. In order to make a website attractive, it is not only important to add catchy graphics and web designs to it butone should also keep in mind thatthey add good language in it. This would help in getting the attention of more and more visitors. Some tips with the help of which one can avoid graphic and web design are.

Top Web Developers to Follow on Twitter

It’s possible to use Twitter to stay up to date with various web development trends; doing so can mean that you can learn about new software and design tips, while also staying connected to a large community of other developers and designers. The best web developers on Twitter are also notable for being prolific posters, and for retweeting the best articles and tutorials from around the Internet. Moreover, some are just entertaining, even when they’re not tweeting about their work. With these factors in mind, who are some of the best web developers to follow on Twitter?