Protect Your Online Identity from Cyberspies

A Career Builder survey found that 37 percent of employers check job candidates’ online presence, including social media accounts. The majority of businesses who searched a candidate’s online identity reported doing so to check qualifications, assess whether the individual would fit well with company culture and see how the candidate presents himself. One embarrassing photo probably won’t make a company decide not to hire you. Yet companies that find social posts that demonstrate poor judgment, complaints about your current job, drunk status updates and offensive tweets can be reluctant to hire you.

Designing a Health Blog

If you are a healthcare professional, or maybe just a health nut who loves to share tips about healthy living, you may have considered writing a blog about health, but you might not know how to get started. People are generally very concerned with finding interesting and up to date information about healthcare, so a blog is a great idea. But it needs to look great and function well in order for it to be widely read. To get started on your own health care blog, you should consider some of these tips to make your web design look great and work great.

Making Money with Wedding Photo Booths

The popularity of wedding photo booths keeps on increasing as more and more people realise the associated benefits. Can you think of another alternative that offers such entertainment without costing much? For entrepreneurs this signifies a chance to go for a minimal risk business venture that provides big returns. This has emerged as a great opportunity for those who want to attain success without much start-up funds.

A Snapshot History of Photography

The Camera Obscura, which evolved through the 13th and 14th centuries was a simple way to capture an image and display it on a surface. Artists would then draw over that image to create a picture on parchment or canvas — the basis of modern day photography. Throughout the years, scientists and inventors have looked for ways to capture images permanently and store them safely on a variety of media.