10 Examples of Mobile Website Landing Pages

In previous post we have featured mobile apps, design websites, business cards. Our today’s article is about mobile websites. In the last few years, there’s been a trend between mobile websites for focusing more traffic to websites. Especially many startups make great mobile landing pages from the side of design, product and use.


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In this post we’ve brought together a collection of some of our favourite mobile website landing pages. Each page is beautifully designed, user friendly and created with talent. We hope you like our collection and take great inspiration for your next mobile website projects.

Mobile Websites need great design and simple UI in order to be user friendly. Designers need to use everything in their basket in order to succeed. An ugly landing page for a mobile website – even if the standard website itself is good – can make visitors away. At the moment mobile landing page’s design is critical. Every designer who has spent many hours mocking up mobile web pages, mobile apps can tell you how important it is to have a good landing page. So, our collection will show you what you can rely upon for your next development.

1. WIX


2. Box


3. Kicksend


4. Square


5. Shopkick


6. Prezi


7. Carwoo


8. Qwiki


9. Webflow


10. Froont


Mobile UI Design Examples

In previous post we’ve brought together a collection of some of our favourite mobile website landing pages. We hope you like our collection. Today we are going ...