15 amazing websites where to admire the best infographics


A very recent trend in online environment is to represent the information by using infographics. Instead of a huge table that many times is associated with boredom, an infographic is definitely more appealing and interesting.

Much more, people are easier attracted by visual than brute information. The psychologists demonstrated that visual power is very important in making decisions and the designers wisely use this fact. In conclusion, creating an infographic may bring a lot of advantages, but to design one isn’t quite easy as some people think. First of all it is very difficult to find a subject that isn’t covered, secondly the information must be very original and nowadays it’s almost impossible to offer something original no matter what you are doing. Thirdly, but not at least, the design of an infographic must be eye-catching, or no one will spend his time on a mediocre work.

Credits: Tilak Bisht

On the other hand, an interesting infographic that is well-marketed may be a great source of personal satisfaction and material compensation. A good infographic brings exposure to the creator- both from designers community but also from ordinary people. You never know, but a small percentage from the last group could turn into loyal customers. In fact, quality will never die and surely a cool infographic won’t be fully neglected. Across time, someone will discover it. Nevertheless, designing amazing masterpieces without marketing isn’t necessarily the best approach- a better one is to start marketing and “selling” your qualities. Fortunately, there are tons of websites that showcase infograhics, therefore you may upload your works and ask for feedback; be sure, if yours creations are cool, these will be immediately remarked. The websites where infographics are uploaded should be used by other designers as an inspirational source and in this way everyone has advantages and nothing to lose.

infographicsCredits: Honosi Rita

Searching for the best online places where infographics are presented is a time wasting activity and it requires patience- items not very accessible to many of us. In order to help people needing inspiration to design new infographics I added here 15 websites where stunning works are uploaded. Don’t be shy and start sharing your works, you will never evolve without feedback, no matter if it’s positive or less eulogistic.
You should never ignore the well-known websites as Deviantart, Behance or Flickr but I preferred to not include because of the large plateau of subjects developed. The next 20 websites are mostly focused on what infographic really means. This fact doesn’t mean that, i.e. on Behance you won’t discover wonderful infographics. It’s quite probable to miss some websites, feel free to complete my post with your interesting observations, I will be grateful to you.

  1. http://www.infographicsshowcase.com/

You are welcomed to upload your creation here and you will get good exposure if it is interesting and professional made. The infographics posted are all well done, therefore if you need some examples of good infographic design, visit it.

  1. http://visual.ly/

This website is really amazing, you have here tons of infographics and videographics (it is another cool concept, in a short video is presented a huge volume of interesting information). I am sure that you will find some infographics to inspire yourself and you may benefit from a precious tool that is aimed to help you create new infographics. You won’t waste your time by visiting this website, enjoy it!

  1. http://www.good.is/infographics/

It is looking pretty the same as the previous website, but it’s mandatory to visit both online presences because these have in common just a single fact: the high quality of the items exposed.

  1. http://www.coolinfographics.com/

There are so many infographics that it is totally impossible not to be satisfied by this website.

  1. http://dailyinfographic.com/

Daily infographics is a great website. The originality seems to be the most important feature of the works here. I am amazed everyday of how some banal facts may be transformed in amazing news. If you don’t have time and search for a specific topic don’t worry, you may search according to the categories.

  1. http://infographicpics.com/

Here is the same recipe: good quality, many infographics, accessible user interface so bookmark it.

  1. http://infosthetics.com/

It is a very complex website that posted many infographics. The topics “attacked” are very different from Twitter activity during 2012 European Football Tournament to Historical evolution of the European borders.

  1. http://infographicworld.com/

I know that by presenting the portfolio of a design agency isn’t quite fair, but when the quality of work is higher than the average works, it became mandatory to show people their cool ideas. The ideas behind these infographics are simply the best and you should visit the website to make an idea about the quality of the items exposed.

  1. http://mashable.com/follow/topics/infographics/

Mashable is a famous brand and the articles from here are read by thousands of visitors. If you are passionate about Internet, you are most probable a fan of Mashable but I am sure that few people consult it for the infographics exposed here… fortunately, now you are aware that some interesting ones are posted here.

  1. http://submitinfographics.com/

As the name itself is saying, you are invited to submit you works. Before submitting, I warn you that here are posted the creations of top designers…

  1. http://www.gatesfoundation.org/infographics/Pages/infographics.aspx

It’s redundant to inform you about the purposes of “Bill and Mellisa Gates foundation.” Here are some terrifying infographics that present cruel realities, see them and take action. It is in our powers to change the future.

  1. http://www.infographicsarchive.com/

Here is more than a place to get inspiration to design a nice infographic, but you may submit your creation, get in touch with some designers or agencies ready to make an infographic for you or find out the name of some tools to realize awesome viral entities.

  1. http://blog.kissmetrics.com/infographics/

I bet that you will get inspiration from here…

  1. http://infographiclist.com/

Infographic list is respecting the name, just stunning works that must be admired by you.

  1. http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/

Perhaps it isn’t a website focused on infographics but it surely boosts your inspiration level. Its purpose is to present different ways of structuring complex information. You should better visit to make a complete idea.
Off topic: I think that admiring so many masterworks motivates anyone to start drawing a new infographic. Still, it is better to have some theoretical acknowledge and Smashing Magazine is the best “teacher”. Read all the posts from here, you will learn a lot.

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