4 Important Ways to Use Contrast as a Design Element Other in Color

When most people think about contrast, they automatically associate it with color. While it is true the hue, intensity, temperature and other properties of color all use contrast to stand out in good design, it is important to remember that contrast can be used in other ways as well to create unique and interesting effects.

  • ImageContrast in scale and size

In all honesty, scale and size is just as important as color when it comes to contrast – mostly because it is the primary way in which you can create a visual hierarchy in your design. The scale and size of particular design elements will help to denote their importance, and viewers will automatically look to them first before proceeding to the other (smaller) elements.

  • Contrast in alignment

How you align your text can also create a contrasting effect and cause certain elements to stand out. The most common example is how a centered title stands out against left-aligned text, and the same also applies when right-aligned text for quotes can make them stand out against a left-aligned paragraph.

  • Contrast in shapes

While many designs tend to use a fixed theme in terms of the shapes that they utilize, sometimes adding geometric shapes against an organic-shape theme can make a particular element distinguish itself. The clean and uniform lines of geometric shapes can also create an interesting visual effect when put against asymmetrical organic shapes.

  • Contrast in texture

Currently this is a widely-used form of contrast, particularly in ‘vintage’ design that has a gritty texture and is often contrasted against a smooth and solid color. It can be applied in other ways as well, by putting hard textures on soft ones and even using vertical-oriented textures against horizontal ones.

As you can see there really are quite a lot of ways in which contrast can be applied to your design, and even this is just the tip of the iceberg. Assuming you’d like delve into the ways in which you can incorporate contrast into your designs, why not check out some of the design tutorials available online.

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