4 Steps Towards a More Creative Office Space

Looking to transform your office into a space that captivates both clients and employees? Prior to bringing an interior designer on board and ordering massive amounts of furniture, take a step back to carefully consider your plans. Is there a chance the new office design may actually hinder productivity?

To prevent this from happening, you want to get past the standard office design and move into a new realm of creativity that embraces vivid color schemes and designs, while carefully considering the layout of the workspace. Fast Company suggests a creative office layout that incorporates both innovative and proven office design principles, and stems beyond the trendy open-office look.

Here are some suggestions to help design an office that fosters creativity and boosts productivity:

1. Add a Personal Touch

Instead of forcing your employees to stare at four white walls resembling prison quarters, let them add a personal touch to their space. This could be anything from family photographs to souvenirs from memorable trips. Just be sure to set limits so the overly creative minds in your office won’t be tempted to bring in a life-sized statue or oversized surfboard.

While these items add a creative flair to the office, they also foster community development. Kevin Kuske, general manager for Turnstone, told Inc. that “people act much more natural, which of course is really good for innovation and creativity. When you build trust in relationships and comfort, people will take risks.”

2. Think Outside the Box

Ditch the bland wall art, fluorescent lights, dull cubicles and outdated file storage systems for a more edgy look. It may set you back a bit financially, but your employees will actually look forward to spending the workday in a creative space that’s comfortable and gets their creative juices flowing. And don’t forget to throw in a dose of decor items with brand symbolism that embody what the company stands for.

Up and coming tech companies, like Infosys and Box, aren’t shying away from forward-thinking office design. “It’s a part of the industry’s culture,” Zupan, a spokesperson for Glassdoor, tells Forbes. “Plus, given the intensity around recruiting, tech companies often come up with a myriad of ways to attract top talent to their company.” And an innovative office space is definitely a tactic these companies are using to recruit the stellar prospects on the job market.

3. Lighten the Mood

Beyond opening the blinds to let the natural light shine through, consider laying out and decorating the office in a way that exudes a more calm and pleasant aura. Consider covering the existing wall paint with a more vibrant color, such as bright green, to awaken the senses of each individual who enters the room. Also, add a few accompanying pieces of decor, like throw pillows and rugs, that complement the color scheme you’re aiming for. And don’t forget to invest in window treatments to keep the sunlight from becoming too overbearing during those blazing hot summer months.

4. Set up an Employee Play Area

While it’s not necessary to bring in a fleet of arcade games to entertain your employees, having a more relaxed work environment where they can unwind is worth considering. After all, they are there to accomplish a particular objective, but what’s work without a small dose of pay? “These social spaces build bonds and get people communicating. It’s especially helpful when a company is in a fast growth period. Play means connection,” Kevin Kuske from Turnstone also explains to Entrepreneur.

Bottom line: Your employees are your most valuable assets, so why not provide them with a more pleasant office space? The choice is yours, but the benefits derived from increased productivity and creativity will definitely outweigh the costs.

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