4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Landing Page

Have you decided that your business doesn’t need a full website and that a landing page will suffice? Or maybe you have a comprehensive website, but need a landing page to serve as a home base for a specific campaign. Either way, working with limited space, less than what’s available on a traditional website can be tough—but it doesn’t have to restrict you. Your options for a complete (and completely functional) landing page are nearly endless.

Here are a few tips for raising the bar of your landing page, and using it as a tool to achieve your goals.

Choose Your Design with Intention

As with many things in life, the aesthetics of your landing page are very important. Not only is the visual aspect the first thing that visitors will notice, but it’s also the first exposure to your brand that many prospects will have. It should be a good representation of your credibility and what you have to offer. The good news is you don’t have to be a professional Web designer in order to end up with something refined. Start by turning to a resource like Top 10 Best Website Builders to compare the differences between site building services that are available. One of the best for beginners, for instance, is Wix. Once you’ve decided on the service you’ll use, you can choose from a variety of clean, classy templates that will help you put your best digital image further.

Dial in Your CTA

Just like other elements of marketing, what is a landing page without a proper call to action (CTA)? You can inform or entertain visitors all you want, but if you aren’t encouraging them to take a desired action, your landing page isn’t serving you. While you don’t want to bombard prospects with annoying sales messages, it’s important to be clear about what their next step should be. Keep in mind, again, the visual element. Is your CTA in a prominent place? Are the colors appealing? Is the font easy to read?

Give your page a look with fresh eyes and ask yourself if your gaze is drawn immediately where you want it to be. Don’t forget to be clear about what value the buyer will get for following through. Be extremely specific, too. Try something like, “subscribe to our newsletter here” rather than, “subscribe.” People want to know what’s coming next, and what the benefits will be of taking whatever action you’re offering them.

Drive Conversions

Just like you would with a traditional website, you want to get conversions via your landing page. Improving your CTAs will help significantly with this, but what else can you do? There are numerous steps you can take to increase conversions, but one of the best ways is by making the messages on your site emotional. Cater to people’s feelings and try to tap into your target buyer’s real wishes.

For instance, don’t lead with a message about “getting things done” if you offer a productivity software. That’s a great aspect, but couple it with something about “getting back more minutes in your life to spend on what matters.” People often respond better to the promise of intangible feelings than cold facts.

Draw from Role Models

If you still need some inspiration for your landing page, look to other businesses that have excelled in this area. There are countless winning examples to learn from (as well as many poor examples that show you what to avoid), but pick just a couple favorites and analyze them. Basecamp is one company that has achieved success with its landing pages, due to its simple images, smart CTAs and prominently displayed FAQs. Contently is another sample of a superior landing page, likely due to its positioning of its CTA right at the fold which seamlessly moves visitors into exploring further content.

As you begin planning and building your landing page, make sure it feels right to you above all else. The branding and copy should make you proud. Zero in on your design, beef up your CTAs, use strategic messages to increase conversions and don’t be shy about learning from other businesses that have done this well. You’ll end up with a landing page you’re eager to share, and prospects who are more incented to do what you want them to do.

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