5 Awesome Android Apps for Designers

Android is one of the most versatile and cutting-edge smartphone operating systems. Now marketed by Google itself, Android software is continually receiving upgrades and improvements that allow Android smartphones to run faster and do more.
Designers using Android platforms also have the option to opt out of expensive service contracts and instead use a contract for SIM only with Internet. Contracts for SIM only with Internet can help the street smart designer save money on his phone bill by only paying for the features he wants from the company he chooses. SIM only contracts allow for more flexibility and greater personalization to your specific style and habits.Here are five of the most awesome Android apps for designers. These apps will allow you to do research, run tests, and even complete projects while on the go. Each of these will make your life easier in its own way and is a must-have for the mobile web designer.

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1. Magic Color Picker

With an interface that is more professional than polished, the Magic Color Picker uses a color wheel simulation to allow you to find the exact shade or color scheme that you need for your projects. Colors can be found, narrowed down, and chosen in a number of different ways, each slider and palette bringing you closer to finding the exact hue that you need. Once you find the right color, its value will be displayed in HSV, RGB, HSL, hexadecimal, and YUV formats for you to jot down and remember later. Magic Color Picker is a free app.

magic color picker

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2. Camera Illusion

This basic app allows you to get a general idea of what any picture will look like with various types of filters applied to it. Camera Illusion allows you to input a picture from the source of your choice and then play around with it, adding various masks, filters, and effects and watching what they do to the photo. Although most of the effects and filters are quite basic, this app can point you in the right direction while an idea is fresh in your mind, and you can later tweak it on your laptop or computer.

3. Iromihon Color Palette

Although its interface is a bit primitive, Iromihon Color Palette is one of the best and most flexible color finder apps around. Shades can be adjusted and tweaked in very small degrees to allow designers to get their palette just right. You can save colors with their own user names to allow you to locate them quickly and accurately at a later date. Color values are displayed in HSL, RGB, and HSB formats. When used in full screen mode, this app can also act as a colored flashlight.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo Workshop is one of the most user-friendly and potent picture-editing applications available. This app features all the basic photo manipulation commands as well as many advanced ones. You can crop your photos to a specific size, rotate them in any direction, draw all over them, insert text, or just resize them. There are quite a few remarkable effects and filters that you can add to your photos to give them a professional touch as well as a plethora of stamps, edges, photo frames, and other features for fine-tuning your photos. Photo Workshop works best with display resolutions of 320 by 480.

Photo works

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5. PRO Zoom Camera 5X

This fun and clever little app will replace the camera software in your Android with a faster, more feature-rich upgrade. This upgrade includes a zoom of up to five times, eight different filters, and lots of photo-sharing options. Photos can be edited once taken or scribbled all over with the Paint function. The brightness and contrast of any photo can be tweaked and text can be added. PRO Zoom Camera 5X comes with 18 different effects and the same number of fonts. There are also 53 pieces of themed clip-art.

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Although Apple still holds the record for the most apps available for its platform, Android is quickly catching up. Anything that can be done by a designer on an iPhone can easily be done on an Android as well. These awesome android apps for designers can be used on either an Android tablet or an Android smartphone.