5 Factors That Will Differentiate a Design from Art


Every business needs to strive towards creating a powerful online image for themselves – it’s like having a business card. Not having a transparent website and plenty of useful material is like your business doesn’t exist, or worse yet, it will seem like you’re not capable enough or that you’re a con artist.

So, investing in graphic design is an absolute must. However, because there are so many different options when it comes to hiring a graphic designer, you need to include many factors in your decision. For starters, you need to know how to differentiate art from a regular design.

This is a necessity because your graphic design material needs to tell your story and to do so, you need an artist and not just an ordinary graphic designer. Now, the secret is in knowing who to hire for creating real artwork for you, and my experience has shown that you can learn a lot by browsing through the portfolio of your interviewees. While you do that, make sure that you pay attention to the next five things.

It’s based on Originality

Although many believe that we live in an age that’s deprived of originality, I must disagree. A curious mind has affinities towards discovery, and there are always brilliant people walking among us – you just need to be persistent in your quest to find them.

That being said, when studying a portfolio of a person you are considering hiring, you need to look for elements of originality. Artists who constantly work on themselves will always tend to create pieces which are genuine and unique.

It Provides Inspiration

One of the main features of valuable artwork is that it’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but that it also makes the viewer standing in front of it at least somewhat curious. Art is there to inspire and motivate, which means that you need both high-quality graphic material and creative artwork if you want to grab your target audience’s attention.

Symbolism and Room for Interpretation

Although there are artists capable of creating original and inspiring pieces of art, which we just mentioned as two must haves, that doesn’t mean that they are the right people for the job. The kind of artist you need must also be a good storyteller.

This should be on top of your priority list when looking for your graphic designer because otherwise, you’ll get generic material that won’t really reflect your business. Every piece that your company publishes needs to be a piece of a puzzle so that together they create the big picture that is the personality of your business.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the symbolism in the artwork you receive presents your business in the right light.

Necessity for a Balance

This brings me to my next point – there’s another extreme to all of this because it’s easy to get carried away. You need to have the final result in your mind the whole time – both when you’re conducting the interviews and while the artwork is being created – and that would be professionalism.

You need to set the limit between art and graphic design so that your brand can develop in the right direction. If your artist gets a bit carried away, the core message will become vague, and it will be difficult to interpret what your business is really about.

On the other hand, thedry graphic design will imply a lack of creativity, which will bring the visitors to your website or the viewers of your advertising material to the conclusion that your problem-solving skills are not at an enviable level.

Talent and Skill Development

In this modern age of ours, it’s not at all necessary for someone to have a history of fine education behind them to be considered an expert in the field. Considering the fact, there are this many resources available online; there are many quality graphic designers who are self-thought.

However, that doesn’t mean you should hire someone just because they claim they know how to do their job. Make sure to do your background check and be confident that you’re hiring a graphic design company that has a team of experienced professionals who can are up for a challenge and who won’t stop until they meet all of their clients’ requirements so that they can have another successfully finished project behind them.

It’s important to take your time with this – finding a company that will fit all these needs can be a difficult process, but because this is an investment that you should take seriously, that’s the way it has to be.

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