5 Safety Tips for a Baby Photo Session


Having a newborn endure a photo shoot can be a stressful experience for the child, and the little one’s well-being should always be given priority. This special event captures the purity and sheer beauty of a newborn infant, and in order to achieve the best results, you should get to know the photographer prior to the shoot. If you are soon to become a proud parent and are already thinking about photos, here are some things to bear in mind.

  1. Hire a Professional Baby Photographer – A person might have a wealth of experience with landscapes or weddings, but photographing newborn babies demands a level of knowledge and experience. From a safety point of view, the photographer is essential, as he or she will know what props and indeed poses, are safe and are not a threat to the well-being of the baby, who is, after all, extremely fragile. The well-being of the subject should always be at the forefront of a baby photographer’s mind, and through experience, they would know how to produce the best results. If you are about to become a parent, and live in Western Australia, for the best baby photos in Perth, click here and take a look at what can be achieved.
  2. Total Support – Newborn babies are so weak, they cannot support any part of their body, which is why a professional photographer would have an extensive collection of small prop pillows. These will allow for a range of unique postures without putting the child under any stress, and with your careful supervision, the right poses can easily be found. Tasteful baskets and wraps can give the baby the right support, and with a range of dreamy backdrops, the images can be truly stunning.
  3. The Ideal Temperature – A constant temperature is essential for a newborn, and make sure the sun is blocked out of the room, as direct sunlight on the baby must be avoided. Any form of heating should be well away from the baby, and the light should be adjustable, in the form of curtains or blinds. Avoid shining spotlights on the baby, as this could damage the very young retinas.
  4. Check Limbs for Circulation – Newborn babies are unable to move an arm or leg and if a posture holds a limb for any length of time, the blood circulation will be affected, so for this reason, regularly check the baby, and change their posture often.
  5. Be Patient – Often the best shots come after a while, the overall ambience between you, your partner, and the photographer also has a bearing on the finished images, and if you have a good bond with the photographer and the baby is not stressed in any way, the results should be great.

The result of a baby photo session is usually a set of images to be treasured forever by the whole family, and by having family portraits done at the same time, you are recording for growth and development for posterity.

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