5 Things You Should Know About Ordering a Custom Embroidered Shirt

Putting your logo on the garments is undoubtedly a good way of promoting brand. It talks in great details about your company/ school/ team and the kind of services you deliver. Although, getting this garment made is not a tedious job, but you can always have the best match for you needs by knowing the following factors before ordering a custom embroidered shirt.

Embroidery Print

Embroidery Print

Here are 5 common questions that comes in the mind before ordering a custom embroidered shirt and which can help you make the process of ordering simple and fast.

1. Is embroidery really better than Screen print?

Although, the cost of embroidery is higher than that of screen prints, but the quality and value for money that an embroidered shirt delivers is certainly higher than that of a screen print. The prints lasts a longer time when compared to the screen prints. Thus, you will not have to re-invest in short intervals.

Another major factor that gives embroidery an edge over prints is its quality of visibility. An embroidered logo has a distinctive look on the cloth which is not so prominent with screen prints.

2. What does digitizing mean?

The process of digitizing involves your artwork or logo to be turned into a digital file which can be used by embroidery machines. The embroidery machines use this digital files to stitch the logo onto the garments.

Digitizing the logo helps to process the bulk embroidery orders giving the companies an idea of the number of stitches that will be used to create one logo. The fees and policies of digitization varies from company to company.

3. How are switch counts relative to the costs?

Typically, switch count refers to the number of stitches required to create the digitized logo on the garment. The count of stitches is used as an indicator of the cost of embroidery on the garment.  The number of stitches and base cost is discussed with the clients so that they can come to an agreement for the cost of embroidery.

4. Can the logo be made attractive with different colors and type of threads?

You can customise your logo according to your needs. Look for a reputed embroidery company and ask them for their embroidery thread color chart. Idealy, such selections are available on the company websites. You can choose from the variety of thread color options available with the company.

Since the major embroidery companies use state of art machines for the purpose of embroidery, it is not difficult to switch from one color thread to another. You can get your logo printed as per the color combinations you desire for.

If the embroidery company has a variety of thread types, you can choose from that as well.


5. Any professional tip for perfect logo designs?

From the past experiences, it has been observed that simple logos look the best after embroidery as they look clear and work with minimal switch counts.

Thus, making your logo as simple as possible will not only enhance its chances of better and distinctive visibility, but it will also help you to lower down the cost of embroidery in multiple folds. A perfect combination of quality embroidery at minimal costs.

Placing an order for you logo embroidery is an uncomplexed task if you have a fair idea of the process involved with it. Knowing in advance about the above-mentioned queries of embroidery  will give you an edge over others to get a fabulous logo on the garments.

All you need to do now is to locate a reputed and good quality embroidery service provider who can help you get the logos embroidered with the right design and at the right prices.

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