6 Unique Techniques to Make the Most of E-mail Marketing

We are aware how important newsletters can be in the promotion of a site. With a proper marketing process, you can leverage emails to bring you the reach you want for your business. However, in the absence of a subscribers’ list, you cannot make full use of emails. In such circumstances, you need to ensure the presence of a list of subscribers, worth sending your newsletters to. In this article, we are going to take a look at the various means, by which you can create an effective subscribers’ list.

Make sure that your e-mails are suitable for mobile users

According to the latest study, the maximum number of e-mails in 2016 will be accessed through mobile phones or tablets. Another study showed that most mobile users delete e-mails which are not optimized for mobile devices. Thus, you could be missing out on prospective clients in the event that your emails are not optimized for mobile devices. You can hire an email marketing service provider which can efficiently use e-mail templates to design mobile-friendly emails.

Upgrade content

Upgraded content is considered to be among the most crucial ways of increasing audience. You can change a blog into an infographic or a checklist. You can also convert videos into transcripts, PDF and slideshows.

Use opt-in pop-up form to attract visitors 

You can utilize the power of pop-up forms to allow your visitors to sign up. Convince your visitors that by filling up the form, they will get an enormous reservoir of content from your site. If they do not, they will be kept away from a horde of useful information. The pop-up should essentially appear in the blog header to promise a view of the entire content just below it. You can approach a company offering high quality bulk e-mail marketing services in Mumbai to create a pop-up which does not force repeat visitors to click out.

Limit access to your blog or website 

If your website content is really interesting and you have a highly motivated audience, reaching out to them with the help of gated content strategy can be a great idea. You can ask your readers to offer you their e-mail ID to get access to your valuable content.

In the event that your content is about something new and interesting, this procedure can be very useful. But, in case you are still gathering subscribers, you can modify the technique a little bit. You can give your visitors gated content in the form of white papers, e-books and PPT.

Ensure more conversion with opt-out option

The pop-up should be equipped with a clear opt-out option. This ensures that interestedvisitors donot run away from your site because of the condition you offer them in the form of a pop-up. Also, you can give them another chance to choose to subscribe to your newsletters.

This, you can do by showing the pop-up just when the visitors are opting to leave your site.

Add call-to-action to your website pages

Make sure that your website pages have enough call to actions. It has been noticed that the homepage, about us page and the blog are the most viewed and most influential pages of a website. Therefore, adding a call to action in these pages can engage the audience.

The best way to make use of call to action is to add it within the content at the end of the write-up.


Now that you have gained insight into some of the most effective ways to leverage e-mail marketing techniques, you can use them to promote your site.

Author Bio –Linda Clarke is an e-mail marketing expert with GingerDomain.com. Her ideas have led to the success of several businesses in recent years.