6 WordPress Plugin That Can Increase Traffic For Your Site

Websites play a great role in several industries today. Almost all businesses are using this type of approach in promoting their services and products. These serve as a simple advertisement, good marketing strategies, and best e-commerce platform for a cheaper value for money. The web traffics help these sites through generating the amount of data that is sent and received by the site’s visitors. It is, therefore, important to maximize all efforts in order to boost and get larger number of traffic that will be very advantageous to the website.

Managing the internet traffic on the website is enhanced with the creation of plug-in which provides tools and frames for easiness and improvement of the site. With the advancement in the technology, some incredible Word Press plug-ins are available to help, optimize, audit and promote the site.

All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack is a wonderful Word Press plug-in template. This plug-in can add important fields automatically. It can also tag each page and each content post for better maximization of the site. Automatic generation of meta-tags in different search engines is also allowed for better optimization of the titles or the posts. Content filtering is also possible to avoid duplication of the contents or the posts. The All in One SEO Pack plug-in will give the website an automated experience without worrying much on the SEO ranking. Always remember that an increase in SEO aids for better ranking. An increase in the rank will give more search results, thus increasing the web traffic of the site.


The Sharebar plug-in is easy to install and fix. This Word Press plug-in allows syncing with the big social media outlets for an easier process of sharing the content. This can link and make a connection between an article and a page to a numerous social media accounts. One can choose from a wide variety of social media outlets available depending on the needs of the site or on what is primarily suitable for the contents of the sites. The connection will increase the exposure of the site through sharing which is really beneficial to the SEO ranking as well as the web traffic. The Sharebar plug-in will display these social media connections or outlets next to one’s post for better web traffic.

SumoMe Popups and Headers

The SumoMe Popups and Headers is a Word Press plug-in that offers free and paid options for a more extensive approach to the website. This plug-in offers numerous features that are very helpful to the site. The HeatMap feature shows sites or areas where the majority of the traffic can be found. The HeatMap can also give insights on what are the frequently clicked and explored areas within the site. Another feature is the Opt-in bar which serves as a tool for the pop-up messages based on the program designed for the site. The Scroll Box feature also act as share tools for social media as well as an analytical tool for the on-site, opt-ins and contents of the site. All these features of the SumoMe Popups and Headers plug-in are highly developed giving users an incredible experience while using and working on Word Press.


The Scribe plug-in acts as a content marketing tool which is highly recommended for a better SEO ranking. This stand-alone plug-in is very handy and easy to use for an easier approach with the content strategy. This plug-in offer a search option or function which can be used in writing good quality contents which are highly commendable for the latest and advancements in the terms and trends of the site. It allows alignment of the content with the proper words commonly used on the Internet. This will enable for a more valuable and relevant content which is best for search ranking and an optimized web traffic. The Scribe plug-in also features a site connector tool for easy access to other bloggers of the same topics and sites, thus giving a potential higher ranking of the contents of the site.

Website Mobile Optimization

The Website Mobile Optimization plug-in allows an easier and instant mobile-friendly version of the site. This allows for a more manageable navigation experience for the visitors due to less clunky sites. This plug-in is a great help for those who are always travelling and are commonly using their mobile gadgets to browse and surf the Internet. The Website Mobile Optimization is an investment worth investing for.

Floating Social Bar

The Floating Social Bar is a Word Press plug-in which allows social and sharing options. This plug-in is a fast tool due to its filtered social networks which are carefully chosen. One can choose to set the social sites on every position wanted such as the top of the posts or end of the posts. The Floating Social Bar plug-in are easy to use tool for controlling social sites for a better and less complicated browsing experience.

Several Word Press plug-ins are being offered in the market today for a better traffic on the web. Careful studying and analysis of the plug-ins are highly recommended in order to determine the best option that will fit or suit one’s needs.