8 Creative Packaging Concepts

Whether it’s party favors or ­­­for your own product, people always judge a book by its cover or a gift by its wrapping. Instead of grabbing plain wrapping paper at the dollar store and reusing the cardboard box you got a sweater in last year, take a look at these ideas on how you can spruce up your presentation. After all, there’s far more to packaging supplies than gift wrap!

All these ideas are just starting points. Things to consider about your gift that could lead you to think of a cool packaging idea. You can take on one, two, or all of these ideas and incorporate them into your packaging. Read on to discover 8 creative packaging concepts.

1. Keep It Simple

Most of the time, the best packages are the simplest. Stick to two or three colors, simple shapes, and a couple patterns. Consider one thought or emotion you want to convey with the gift and coordinate the colors and patterns that way.

2. Be Brave

Even though we recommend you keep it simple, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain colors. Choosing a highlight or two to make your present packaging pop can create intrigue and compliments before the gift is even opened.

3. Complementary Colors

Limit yourself to colors that blend well together or that make the other pop in a complementary fashion. This concept extends to keeping the colors complimentary to the gift or product inside.

4. Think Modern

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In addition to keeping it simple, you can pull from modern surroundings. Start thinking in sleek lines and shapes. Maybe you can take an item they own and use a part of it, like the color or pattern, to wrap your gift in.

This would work especially well if your gift is related to that item they own. Consider how you can implement a creative association in your packaging supplies as well.

5. Use Texture

Since most wrapping paper and gift boxes can be dull, choosing a wrapping paper or box with some kind of texture can make it stand out from the rest. You can even opt to glue on texture, like adhering sand granules to the top, if your gift is related to the ocean or spa.

6. Sneak Peak

If you don’t care about ruining the surprise, giving them a little window in the packaging to glimpse their gift can be tantalizing and make them want to open it right then—just like when you see artisan cookies on display at the grocery market or bakery.

7. Use Humor

Everyone loves a little laughter—in fact, the main goal of the party is to have fun. This is the time to pull out any inside jokes you have with the gift recipient. Or, if the gift lends itself to humor, think about how you can put that on the packaging. You can mislead them, inform them, make a joke. As with all humor no matter the form, it’s important to know your audience.

8. Abstraction

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Finally, abstraction means to take a small part of something and blow it up. You have probably seen this in some way.

This one can be tricky to pull off and will probably require some ingenuity on your part, but every single package that uses this concept we’ve seen looks stellar. Another way to do this is think of the concept behind it and use that as the packaging.

Have Fun with Your Packaging Supplies

At the end of the day, have fun with your packaging supplies and surprise your recipients with a gift that is sure to please. Regardless of the kind of ideas you come up with, you can be sure to let your creativity address how to gift wrap your present.

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Marian Sparks is a freelance writer and a graphic designer living in the Los Angeles area. He loves staying on top of new design trends and runs his own consultancy. When he is not busy with work, he enjoys writing informative articles.


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