Camera is used to capture images by recording light, other electromagnetic radiation or any image sensors. The lens inside the device is used to focus on the reflected light or the real images are caught on the light sensitive surface inside the camera. This is electronically processed and stored in a digital image format file.

Photography is used for entertainment, science, business and other recreational purposes. As we know the national geographic is the source pictures which are taken in the wild forests, underwater, shooting of marine life and mountains. The interesting part here is there are many accessories used for underwater photography. People capture images in the water which is specially done while scuba diving, swimming.

For capturing the best images with clarity at the bottom of the sea, few specialised equipment’s and techniques are used. They are:

Waterproof cameras: These are popular for marine life shooting and snorkels. These are best for the wet boat rides or underwater photography. These devices are designed in such a way that, it can inhibit up to 10 meters into a dive. Different brands provide devices for safe aquatic camerawork. Example: Canon, Fantasea, Olympus, Ikelite etc. are famous for waterproof cameras.

Underwater strobes: These tools increase the quality of photos by adding strobes. The brilliant colours of the ocean and the marine are captured by them, which range in eminence and power. The Fantasea line called as nano spotter is of LED light. Ikelite is supreme in devices for diffuser for sub strobes with mount light and battery.

Underwater housings: Housings are not available for few cameras excluding the SLR and DSLR. So research on the options available, check for the manufacture products like polycarbonate or aluminium which act as housings and helps with durability. Such additional features are added so they are expensive. Nikon is offering the best waterproof camera with housing and different image sensors.

Arms: For connecting the strobes, cameras and housing arms are very useful as the person cannot handle the gadgets separately. The varieties arm holders available are Strobe Head M, Double Ball Strobe Head, ball camp, extra grip, camera tray adapter etc.

Lenses: Aquatic frameworks need various best quality lenses as they are the fragile parts. Practically we can see them in the marine life filmmaker. The lens selection is very important like the macro or wide angle and number of specifications. There are lenses for the digital SLR and SLR. Always check for the reviews and then purchase it.

In the present era, photography is the result of combination of numerous technical discoveries. The photographer needs specialised equipment’s and cases for underwater photography. These give more desirable features like external flash unit, control access and large memory card. These devices have come into the market with different brands, varieties, specifications and functionalities.

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