Best Ten Tips to Avoid Web Design and Graphic

For a business organization, it is important for them to have an attractive and a useful website with the help of which they can gain reputation and recognition in the world of internet. In order to make a website attractive, it is not only important to add catchy graphics and web designs to it butone should also keep in mind thatthey add good language in it. This would help in getting the attention of more and more visitors. Some tips with the help of which one can avoid graphic and web design are.


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Best Ten Tips to Avoid Web Design and Graphic

Include a Catchy Tag Line

A tagline is considered to be very important in a website, as it is the first thing visitors see when they visit a webpage. So in order to leave a good impression on the visitors it is important to add a beautiful and a catchy tagline to it which captures the attention of the visitors.

Implementing Search Site

In order to get an effective website, it is important to implement the searching option on the website so that it becomes easy for the visitors to search for their desired thing easily.

Do Not Make Use of Highly Attractive Graphics

Use of highly attractive graphics on the website would prove to be bad for the website. Attractive and catchy graphics on the website do not attract the visitors but rather make them irritated.

Try Not to Break the Work Flow

The workflow of the website should go in a single flow such as the operations being followed by the visitors. Proper guidance should be mentioned on the web page in order to provide complete information to the visitors.

Make Use of Site Maps

This is considerably new feature which a website can make use of. This helps in effective navigation of the page and also provides effective search engine optimization. This is also used under the.

Make Easily Scannable Web Pages

In order to provide an effective web page one should make an easily readable and scannable web page. This helps in getting the attention of more and visitors as the can also easily scan them.

Not to Design Incorrect UI Controls

In order to get an effective website, it is important to mention correct web controls and UI controls on the web page. The UI controls means the web page elements, widgets and components with the help of which one can easily search their desired product or service they are looking for.

Meaningful Feedback Should be Mentioned on the Web Page

Feedback of a website is important to be mentioned on the web page and that too in an effective and efficient manner. This helps in better communication between the visitors and a particular web page. If there is a particular error occurred on the web page, then you should write a quote which does not make the visitors feel bad.

Java script should not be over used

The use of Java script and AJAX is gaining a lot of popularity in making of websites. But one should keep in mind that over usage of this technique should be avoided.

Good content

Content speaks for a website so good language content should be mentioned on the website.

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