Do You Recognize These 10 Elements That Define A Killer Flyer Design?

A flyer plays an important role in advertising a business since it is cheap, trendy and reaches the maximum number of people. This means if you can excel in this area, it is like half of your job is done. However, advertising and designing are two very different things. To create an appealing flyer, you need to know some crucial elements regarding flyer design. So if you are trying to create a flyer design but cannot do it due to lack of know-how, don’t worry…. you still have hope. Here, I have outlined some crucial constituents that a highly-compelling flyer design encompasses. Let’s take a look:


Royalty Free Images



Incorporate images in your flyer that are lively, interactive and that define your product effectively. Use hi-resolution pictures with 4-color gloss. While it may cost you a little more than the black and white version, it will certainly catch more eyeballs.


Use appropriate font’s color with visible with easy to read text size. Make the text bold or italic to highlight important information. However, keep in mind that the font style should remain consistent and uniform throughout the design.


It goes without saying that title is the most important part of your flyer. Come up with an attention-grabbing title that can appeal your target audience. Be sure that your title has the keywords that can attract your potential customers. Hence, select words or phrases that are funky or catchy!

Picture Arrangement

Do not just make your flyer a visual treat by stuffing it with pictures. Just use the visual elements sparingly. Place images in your flyer in the most perfect order. Put larger photos at the top of the flyer followed by the smaller ones. Make sure that your pictures look consistent and relate with each other impeccably. A flyer with scattered pictures will confuse your readers and show your business as mediocre and unprofessional.


A simple flyer design goes a long way in the viewer’s mind than one filled with clutter of graphic elements. Provide ample white spaces and make your text clean and readable throughout the body. Avoid cluttering your copy with unnecessary information so that your customers know what your product is all about. Keep the KISS technique in mind which means, Keep It Simple, Stupid.


Colors have a profound impact on psychology of the readers. Use the most appropriate colors for your copy. Make sure that the lead color complements the design of your product and goes with the message of your business as well. Your chosen colors should not stand alone and rather give a collective aura so that the readers can relate it with your product. For example, if you have an eco-friendly product, you can use colors such as green or use red if you own a meat business.


Bullets are important to highlight useful information and showcase benefits of your product. Mostly readers do not read much about the idea behind your product or background of your company. They only want to know about what your product has to offer. Therefore, they are interested only in its benefits. Using bullets can help you highlight your product in the right manner and allow you to say a lot about your product in fewer words, giving your more space for writing.

Word Selection

Be original and unique while creating your copy for the flyer. Put on your idea bulb and bring out the best of your creative side when writing copy of your flyer. Use powerful language with ‘convincing’ marketing words and phrases. Implement the standard popular AIDA structure that means: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Also, use appropriate tone according to the nature of your product.


Never make the mistake of publishing flyers without proofreading. The glaring grammatical and spelling errors in your flyer copy will turn off the readers and potential leads. Make sure to proofread your copy at least 2-3 times before printing it. You can even hire a professional proofreader if you lack good editing skills.

Design And Style

The success of a flyer depends highly on its design and how it has turned out as a whole. A high-quality flyer makes a balanced composition of text and graphic elements and looks uniform from start to finish. So make sure that your flyer is consistent and coherent in every aspect. There should be no element in your flyer that looks out of place or absurd as it will affect the overall presentation of your flyer.

Author Bio: – Sylvia M Lewis is an outstanding designer and excels at designing highly-engaging banner designs. He is available to provide his immense expertise on a plethora of graphic design undertakings. To contact him, follow him on Facebook.