Easy, Chic Travel Dressing Tips



Since traveling is a necessary part of many people’s lives, it’s easier now more than ever to travel in comfort and style. Whether you’re a frequent flier or you only travel during the holidays, learning how to dress and what to bring is crucial to being comfortable and put together. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best easy and chic travel dressing tips before you take off!


Accessorize Smarter

Everything starts with a sturdy, but light, travel bag. You may be tempted to pack everything into a leather designer duffel bag, but these are super heavy once you fill them to the brim. Opt for a lighter canvas bag to carry your clothing essentials, along with a small, cross body Sorial handbag for your most important items like money, IDs, tickets, and lip balm.

The Perfect Pants

Stretchy lounge pants that are relaxed enough to allow you to stretch out or curl up are the perfect choice for long trips. Pair them with an oversized cardigan and some heeled booties that are easy to slip on and off to elevate your outfit from pajamas for a look that’s super pulled together without all the effort.

If you’re interested in making your look even more polished, try cropped pants and wear a button up shirt under your cardigan.

The Perfect Dress

You may think that a dress is the least comfortable thing to wear on a long flight, as many times they’re constricting and they leave your legs exposed to cold plane AC. However, you can stay warm and comfortable when you choose a knit material dress paired with some tights or leggings. For some additional warmth, top your dress with a cardigan or a knit blazer and scarf.

You can take this look straight from the airport to a night out on the town if you just keep a thin belt in your purse to define your waist and add some contrast to your outfit.

Refresh Yourself

Nobody feels they look good after a long day on a plane, but you can perk up your skin and your smile with some refreshing essentials. As Refinery 29 recommends, opt for products that reduce oiliness while keeping you moisturized. Whether you pack a travel size face wash and mascara or some scented face wipes and lipstick, you can give yourself a quick makeover before stepping off the plane and onto the runway.


Extra Plane Comfort

Even if you’re not traveling in first class, you can still travel in first class style. According to Fodor’s Travel, some tech and accessories like noise canceling headphones, an eyemask, and a great pillow can help make your flight more comfortable, even in the tiniest seat. Get the most out of your in-flight beauty sleep with these extras and you may find yourself enjoying the travel part of your trip more than you ever thought you would.

Get Going!

You don’t need to stand in front of your closet any longer wondering what to wear for your next trip. Plan in advance with the best chic travel tips around. Try out some, or all, of these tips and discover which one is your favorite!


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