Essential iPhone Camera Apps for Designers

With iPhone, you are able to take a photo and share them with people via many photo sharing apps. However, before sharing you may need to make some changes to your photos taken by iPhone.

Camera Apps are useful tools which can easily modify, resize and edit digital photographs or graphics files, without any computer software.

In this Article we present Best Camera Apps for iPhone to help you take more beautiful photos.

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TouchRetouch is really easy to use: just make a picture with the camera or select one from your gallery and you are ready to go. Mark unwanted content with your finger using using “Brush” or “Lasso” tool and remove it easily by hitting “Go” button. Save it to your gallery and you are done. That’s it. Photo editing has never been so easy before.


PowerCam gives you the power to apply over 50 filters, frames and effects in real time as you set up your shot. Fool-proof self-portrait captures with exclusive FaceTimer-uses the FaceTime camera with face-tracking to snap the portrait with a count-down to the shot after the iPhone is steady.


Automatically create stunning full-resolution HDR images with just a single tap! New version 4 includes beautiful filters and frames, lets you add captions, and is much faster with background rendering. Pro HDR supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod natively.


Edit full resolution photos just like on your desktop. PhotoForge2 allows you to load your photos at full resolution, and it includes high-end features like layering and masking, curves, levels, sharpening and noise reduction, white balance, RAW image import and much more. In summary, PhotoForge2 is a very powerful app.

Camera Genius

Camera Genius has features like: a 6x digital zoom, video with real-time zoom, anti-shake, burst mode, big button, timer, sound shot, camera guides, and a photography manual.

Of course there are many other alternatives, feel free to share them with us.


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