Four Useful AdWords Features to Boost Your Travel Website This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is just around the corner and this is a great time for tour managers, hotels, and travel booking agencies. People will happily spend hundreds of dollars for visiting their dream destination during Christmas and New Year. Thus, you must buckle up your PPC campaign and take advantage of the exclusive features of AdWords to generate maximum revenue. If you own a hotel or all-inclusive travel booking website, then here are some great AdWords suggestions for you.

Track calls: Customers often call a travel agent to understand the tour packages and then they decide the package that suits both their requirements and budget. The personal human touch of a phone call plays a crucial role in the conversion process but often gets neglected by the web marketers. They measure the number of clicks on PPC ads, but forget to calculate the customers who called from the ad or website to book a plane ticket or a couple of rooms. Thanks to AdWords, now you can track the number of calls being generated from the ads. This integrated call tracking solution of AdWords is great for small travel booking businesses as they don’t need to pay third party software vendors for additional call tracking facility. Also to know more you can speak to SEO Company Chicago guys.

Structured snippets: If you want to provide some additional useful information to the target customers then you can’t forget to take advantage of structured snippets. Suppose a tourism website may want to show that they let customers’ book flights from their website and they are affiliated with many national and international aviation companies. Using the structured snippets you can show a list of aviation companies to influence the customers’ tour planning decisions. This is a powerful tool to increase the amount of space an ad takes within the search result and simultaneously show some valuable information that may win new customers.

Retargeting audience: People seldom book a tour package when they first visit your website. Generally, they search for tour packages in different websites, compare their rates and go offline. Later when they make up their mind about the destination and budget, they start searching once again. This second-time search is very crucial from an advertiser’s viewpoint because the visitor is now ready to book a tour package. You must retarget the previous site visitors to bring them back to your website in order to complete the conversion process. All you need to do is open the audience’s tab inside the AdWords interface and retarget the past visitors. Boost your PPC bid to make sure that people notice your advertisement on the SERP and come to your website.

Schedule the ads: Marketing is not just about having deep pockets, but intelligent expenditure to bring a maximum number of clients to the website. You need to identify the time when your potential customers would like to search your services. This data allows you to efficiently manage your budget on per day, rather per hour basis.  For example, those who are planning a vacation prefer to search during lunch break and weekends.

AdWords is a great platform to increase your reach globally and bring the right kind of customers to your website. Follow the suggestions discussed here to see a growth in your tour and travel booking website coming Holiday season.

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