Good Design Makes For Great Videos

Design is one of those disciplines that has a place in many different areas – and it should come as no surprise that videos number among them. If you think about it and consider the fact that videos are by nature a medium that appeals on your visual senses it should be easy to see how design has a role to play.

But to really take advantage of good design, you need to make sure that it really reflects the idea behind your video.

Using Design as Inspiration

Every video (or at least the great ones) tend to have their own style – whether it is a webcam-based show or even a screen captured ‘how to’ guide. How the elements are displayed, and the look and appearance of the video – all of that is part and parcel of its design.

When you’re creating a video, it would be a good idea to use design as inspiration to come up with a consistent style of your own. It could be a retro look, a propaganda style, or maybe even something that draws from a geometric or abstract design form. When looking for inspiration you don’t just have to look at the design of videos – you can draw it from all sorts of design and then subsequently think about how you can use it in your video.

Highlighting Elements with Good Design

In every video there are certain central elements that you may want to highlight at some point or other, and good design can certainly help in that regard.

By applying the rules of good design to the composition of the video and the elements it contains, you can give prominence to certain elements. Also the design itself could highlight it in certain ways, through use of shapes or color.

If possible try to outline all of this in advance of creating your video. That way when you finally do start to record the footage that you need you’ll have a well-fleshed out plan that you can follow.

Assuming you like to carry out most of your design on an iPad it is even possible to transfer video to iPad and optimize it too. All you need is software like the Movavi Video Converter that will allow you to quickly and effectively convert, edit, and even enhance videos to fit your requirements.

Don’t hesitate to experiment. Good design and great videos both require a creative touch, and the more you experiment and let your imagination run wild, the more interesting ideas you may come up with.