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How Easy Is It To Make Your Own E-Card?

Posted by Mediajon

When it comes to sending an electronic greetings card, things couldn’t be easier. Honestly, it’s one of the simplest things in the world. Don’t let the digital nature of this method put you off – it might be a little tempting to forgo technology altogether, but there’s really no need. Even the most computer phobic of individuals should be able to pick this skill up, with the minimum amount of effort.

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The best thing about an e-card is that it’s all laid out in front of you, say the experts at You can pick from a wide range of pre-designed cards, or you can work from templates to create something new. A company like Katie’s Cards will guide you, step by step, through this process. It can be a little strange at first, especially if you’re not used to computers.
However, you should get the hang of it extremely quickly. According to, there are very few steps involved in the process. All that you’ve got to do is choose a basic template for your e-card. Then, you need to pick your favourite image or animation. Once you’re happy with the overall look of the card, you can fill in the information boxes provided.
These boxes are where you input the information, and the personal message that is unique to your electronic card. You need to add the name of the card’s recipient, your own name and the greeting that you would like to send. Depending on which e-card company you use, you might be restricted by a word limit.
A company like Katie’s Card is usually happy to let you input quite a lengthy message, if you need to.  This particular detail can also be dependent on how much you pay for the card. Most websites have a selection of e-cards that are for sale, and a selection that are free to use. Your choice will depend on what kind of electronic card you want to send, and how much you would like to  personalise it.
Can you see how absurdly easy it is to send an e-card? It’s great for the environment, too. Just think about how many tonnes of paper get wasted every year, because we insist on buying paper cards, says journalist Farhad Manjoo. It is a much better, much more considerate alternative. After all, it’s not like any less love or affection goes into the design of an e-card. It’s just a different option.
If you’re an older person, technology is probably a little bit mystifying at times. There’s isn’t anything wrong with this. We’re all going to get old at some point, we’re all going to struggle to keep up with the latest innovations, eventually.They technology behind the e-card was invented in 1994. It has gone from strength to strength ever since.
Luckily, the design process has also gotten easier and easier. There’s nothing to it, because most of the job has already been done for you. You browse through a few collections, until you find a design that suits your purpose. You input your information and then, you send it. With the click of a button, you’ve achieved a process that used to take two or even three days to be complete. The e-card is the future, that’s for sure.

 Author Bio:  Rosette has been a digital designer and animator for three years. For quality, affordable electronic greetings cards, she recommends Katies Cards. She can usually be found on working on her next project, or putting together a short cartoon.

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