How to Transform Bakery Boxes into Personalized Boxe

How to Transform Bakery Boxes into Personalized Boxes

It’s almost every day in our lives that we visit the bakery near our house. Whatever we buy from the bakery we hardly ever notice that it almost always comes in a box. These boxes vary in shapes, sizes and colors, depending on the item inside them. For example, for a cup cake it would be a square shaped either a reverse tuck end box or auto lock box. Whereas, a cake box would be a simple plain cardboard or Kraft box folded in a way to make the shape of a box. The best part of these bakery box is that you can get them customized in whichever we want. is a company that makes boxes of every shape, size and color. They specialize in cardboard, Kraft and corrugate materials for the manufacturing of these boxes. Each material has its own specialty and unique characteristics displayed in their respective boxes.

Cardboard Boxes: Kraft Boxes:
These boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, usually used for the purposes of packaging goods and other materials. The term cardboard box usually refers to as a range of heavy paper-like materials such as card stock, paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. This kind of material is paper produced from chemical pulp produced in Kraft making process. This material is porous Kraft paper giving high elasticity and high tear resistance. Kraft material has a high demand in the market because of its strength, durability and recyclability.

Bakery Boxes

Bakery boxes are normally made up of cardboard material. There are many forms of bakery boxes for example, cupcake, donut, cake, sweet boxes and many more. Each box had its own unique characteristics.

Customize Bakery Boxes:

At CustomBoxesINC

When your call is received at CustomBoxesINC you would be asked multiple questions inquiring about your products requirements. Here are a list of questions that you might encounter once your call is answered.

  • What are your product dimensions?
  • Do you prefer your product to me printed or not?
  • If the answer to the above questions is “yes”. Your question would be the color codes?
  • How much quantity is required?

Once the answers to these questions are acquired. Customer relation representatives will then send you a quote against your requirements. Now if you are happy with this quote your product will be sent into production as per the information attained from you. CustomBoxesINC will send you a sample of your final product for the sake of approval from your end. Once this approval is received CustomBoxesINC would start production on your required product. Few examples are given below of how you can customize your bakery boxes.

Few Examples of Bakery Boxes:

You can have your donut box manufactured as a glossy handled cardboard box and get it printed with your logo and company slogan. You can also get decorative with your donut box such as tie a ribbon bow on the handle.

Glossy Handled Donut Box

Rectangle two piece box with a window on top

Another type of donut box can be designed in square or rectangle shaped two piece box with a glossy finish and a window on top. Many consumers prefer to have a window on their donut boxes as it enhances the beauty and attractiveness of the product. Having a window on top of donut boxes is optional.
This is an example of a simple tuck end box, which is installed with a window to make it look more eye catching. These boxes can be decorated with a bow tie on the top in order to further boost the products’s charm.
Choose an elegant sleeve box for your delicious macarons. Or you can also choose simple two piece box with a window. Having a window enables the customer to better view the product inside. You can decorate your macaron box as per your liking and requirement.


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