Know More Hydrographics?

HydrgrGraphics or Hydrographics is also called as water transfer printing, immersion printing, cubic printing, and water transfer imaging, is a process of relating printed designs to 3-dimensional faces. This process is used on plastic, glass, hardwood, metal, and several other materials.

What is Water Transfer Printing?
The surface decoration procedure that allows practically decorates any paintable surface to get with meticulous graphic design. Water Transfer Printing also known as Hydro Dipping is lately used by famous manufacturers and industries all over the world such as an automotive, as firearms, marine, aerospace, and military. There are hundreds of hydro dipping printing patterns obtainable in a wide range of wood grains, camouflages, stone, carbon fibers, marble, abstracts, and brushed metals.

Hydro-Dip concentrates in servicing the requirements of maj manufacturers globally. And also, they consider for one item consume
rs and it is famous in custom designs with luxury paint and intangible enhancing coatings on anything that is conceivable. Hydro-Dip has raised the bar to higher level in water transfer printing. The company’s decorating specialists and application engineers are the best and top most individuals who are committed to their work.

Water Transfer Printing is a also famously known as Hydroimaging, Hydro Dipping and Camo Dipping, which is typically famous for surface decoration technology , which uses a particular film with natural designs and prints such as walnut, marble and burl wood. It also uses geometrical designs to beautify practically any surfaces. Dash kits, architecture, auto interiors, switches, handles, and various other regular applications provided to the film dipping procedure. Hydrographics and Water Transfer Printing can be pertained to materials like plastic, wood, metals, etc and it also paints complex 3-dimensional shapes with high quality. It produces new appearance and color on the printed product and amplifies its value. The globe looks colorful with Water Transfer Printing, Hydro Imaging and Hydrographics.

What is the method?
The method, to implement Hydrographics, is very simple. Just take the item and the initial process is applying primer base coat. Use the film selected by the customer, then cut the film according to the size and put it on the surface of the water in the Water Transfer Printing container and applies an activator to the film. After some time the film turns into liquid ink and it floats on the water surface, which then permits to dip the product very slowly into the ink, the object should be dipped completely till the ink wraps the entire object. Dry the object and give an automotive grade-clear-coat to increase the durability.

What is Hydrographics?
Hydrographics is also called by several other names including Water Transfer Printing, Camo Dipping and Immersion Printing and many more. Hydrographics can be applied to any 3D object, which is made from wood, plastic, metal and glass. A general criterion is, it can be used for painting and dipping. Some of the famous items, to dip, are bows, guns, automotive bezels & trim, Skulls, computer cases, wheels, golf carts, ATV’s and etc. Objects can be shipped directly to the company or bring the objector item to Southern Utah site for dipping.
Conclusion: Basically, this Hydrographic designing method applies printed designs to 3D surfaces. The printing process can be used on various kinds of materials including glass, hardwoods, metal, etc. Hydrographics or Water Transfer Printing is one and same as several other names that perform the same task using the same procedure.


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