List Of The Best Free And Premium Responsive HTML Email Templates

Outstanding business campaigning starts with amazing HTML email templates. They are an exceptionally easy way of designing email campaigns. Moreover, choosing the responsive email templates elevates the chances of success and also takes your email campaign to a new level altogether. In comparison to composing these email templates right from scratch, it is obviously a good choice to go for responsive HTML email templates. Some of these templates are available for free while others come at an affordable price. Here are the templates that we are going to talk about in this write-up.

Premium E-mail Templates

Premium E-mail Templates

  • Kreative

Kreative comes as an exceptional choice if you are looking for fully responsive free email template. It has the goodness of HTML5 and CSS, which makes it compatible with all major browsers. Being responsive makes this template mobile-friendly and thus, it suits today’s business requirements really well. Kreative is an exceptional choice to be used for a number of websites including portfolio, landing page, small business, and more.

  • Passion

Passion has the status of being a simple email template that accomplishes your job with ease. Having a responsive design and minimal design layout, Passion offers an easy way to embed the power of this free responsive HTML email template into your campaign. Having a sleek designing, this email template is just exceptional to start your new email campaign with.

  • Commodo

Commodo has a flat design, clean coding and a professional touch that make it a worthy option to utilize for outstanding campaigns. The users have the option to customize the fonts, change the colors, edit the header image when using this outstanding email template. Commodo also includes cross-browser compatibility element.

  • Green Village HTML template

Having a clean and minimal design, Green Village HTML template is suitable for a number of purposes. The template outstandingly suits all the major email clients. One noteworthy element of this email template is that it is responsive in nature that means it suits exceptionally well to the mobile devices also.

  • Focus Email Template

Focus has two distinctive color schemes having a dark and a light one. It is compatible with a number of email clients including Gmail, Hotmail, and other such major names. This email template has been developed with fully commented HTML tags and has also been tested in Litmus for flawless compatibility. The best thing about this email template is that it is responsive in nature.  

  • Antwort Responsive Layout for Email

Antwort has been built with a responsive layout that fits almost all the email client impeccably. Antwort has been designed in a way to serve columns on desktops that render in the form of rows on mobile. Responsive layout additionally adapts well to the screens of all sizes and shapes.

  • Metric

Metric is responsive in nature having a clean minimalist design. It can easily be integrated with any kind of email service provider. This email template can be added with beautiful design and color to make the entire marketing strategy more user-centric. Thus, using Metric for your next email campaign will help in making a better and bigger impact on the users.

  • Primor

Primor is based on the ultra modern flat design concept that is innovative in nature. Primor is again compatible with major email clients and the use of inline CSS in it offers browser compatibility benefit. There is an option of easily duplicating or removing the modules. Having a set of feature, Primor is the best choice to run your next email campaign.


  • Litir

Litir is a modular style template that is easy to realign, and can also be used to create your own template layout. All that users need to do is select the preferred module and copy/delete/replace as per their wish. With modular style in use, the templates can be made more variable.

  • PromoteMail

PromoteMail includes good designing and color variations. The email template is compatible with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and MailBuild Builder. There is unlimited drag and drop option that offers greater opportunities for the users to include desired modules as per the preference. There is also an option to change or add background images.


Email templates work exceptionally well when there is a need of creating an exceptional email campaign. The use of aforementioned emails can help in creating and running a robust email campaign. All these templates are responsive in nature and it guarantees for the outstanding rendering of the templates over mobile devices also. Each one of these templates has its own significance and benefits; hence, depending upon the choice rather a requirement, the users can choose any of the above-mentioned.

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