Make Adsense The Most Lucrative App Monetization For Your WP Site

Google AdSense is one of the most famous monetization policy used by website owners in order to fetch revenue from their website. Using this policy one can simply earn revenue by simply portraying text, image , flyer, posters, banners or videos of any third party brand who wish to advertise themselves.


They work on Cost-per-click (CPC) model which implies that a payment is made to the organization for each click they get from your website. Though the payment varies from region to region and also depends on the size of the content.

The Key factors which affect your AdSense revenue:

  • Positioning of the Ad on your web page
  • Size of your Advertisement
  • The kind of traffic on your website

Some of the exciting themes offered are as follows:

1)  ModernMag
ModernMag is an amazing WordPress theme which places ads quite subtly. This free them is completely responsive and offers an extremely easy  installation process.


This theme is compatible with all sorts of plugins which offer ad management for a WordPress website. It offers a quite subtle layout for placing your ads in a well organized and managed way.
2) TruePixel


TruePixel is another WP theme which offers a wide range of locations for placing advertisements on your home page as well and other pages. This theme is completely optimized for Adsense and hence you get to a better click through rate (CTR) and Cost per Click (CPC). On the top of it comes with a very resplendent design in order to attract the visitors and thus is a good pick for those who wish to go for online magazines and online entertainment channels.
3)CWP Youit

CWP Youit

CWP Youit is another brilliant theme for optimizing your WP website by Adsense. It offers you well furbished places for portraying your ads which are at just beneath the your posts and front page. Further, you need not to worry the look of your website on a mobile device as it offers completely responsive web design with a robust layout which works on all the mobile devices. Plus, this theme is compatible with all the major plugins which offers advertisement management. You can count on this theme for all genres of websites.



GoMedia is a WordPress theme for those who wish to have some specific locations to feature their adds. This theme allows four ad location at four places in the default version of their theme.  However, they can be easily removed from their respective places and new ad locations can be generated as you desire.

5) ClickRight


ClickRight offers a stunning Adsense optimise’s area along with the rich aesthetics which fits your modern WordPress website. The main aim of this WordPress template is to boost your CPC , RPMs and CTRs in order to reap in benefits from your Adsense strategy. The best part of this theme is that it does not involve technical coding to add an ad on your page.

6)  Nominal


Nominal is another completely responsive WordPress theme which fosters Adsense. It is designed on a mobile first approach and offers eye catching colors. You can get multiple options to display  advertisements which can be utilized wisely to get a high CTR.

7) DizzyMag


Those who will opt for this theme get access a vast space on the top of their WP website and along with there are two more locations where ads can be added. This makes it one of the best AdSense powered theme for online news rooms, blogs or magazines based on WordPress. It is developed incredibly in a way which helps the developer to fetch optimum gains from their monetization policy. Above all the theme also supports ad units which are responsive.

8) Flick

If you are a blogger or you need to create a portfolio, then you can use Flick which has apt places for advertisement. This theme offers strong media.


This completely responsive and SEP friendly  theme is designed on the Bootstrap framework of twitter which helps your website to gain SERP’s.  It also offers a panel with extensive features to customize your website as per requirements. If you are not satisfied with this there are custom widgets which one can avail just for $45.

Author Bio :

Sophia is a trained WordPress developer working with WordPrax Ltd.- A leading HTML to WordPress conversion company. If you’re planning to convert HTML website to WordPress for a brilliant online presence, she can help you. Some stunning articles related to website markup conversions can be found under her name.


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