Optimizing the Mobile Web Via Apps

Mobility is what moves our world. We live to move from one place to the other, which led to our society’s evolution. Thanks to the introduction of the Motorola Dynatac 800X in 1983, mobile communication was born. Ten years later, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web and the internet was born, forever intertwining the lives of billions of people on the planet.


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With the introduction of these technologies, several smart devices were developed, making us more connected via the mobile web. Businesses saw the growth potential of the mobile web market. Designers were asked to make their websites optimized for mobile. If you visit www.verizonwireless.com, you’ll notice how the site’s information and icons properly fit your device’s screen. A site that is mobile-optimized loads faster and looks good on any screen.

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To help you decide which app suits your design needs, check out some of our suggestions:

1. Instagram – Considered as one of the most popular photo enhancement apps, it allows you to take pictures and make them look cool through its various retro-inspired filters. Find interesting subjects and take photos of them. Make these images your gallery of inspiration to kick-start your creative juices.

2. WhatTheFont – Basically, this app will help you name unknown fonts. Take a picture of the font and WhatTheFont will automatically connect to the MyFont website to find the mystery font. This is a great designing tool, especially when the only thing missing from your layout is a great font.

3. Opera Mini – This is one of the essential apps used by designers, especially when checking the websites they just designed. The Opera Mini’s easy-to-access options, small size (at only 900KB), and multi-platform support (iOS, Blackberry, Android) make it a gem to use.

 4. Adobe Photoshop Touch – When you need to quickly edit photos on your tablet or smartphone, then this is the app for you. Its features are perfect for small-scale image editing and composting. The Adobe Photoshop Touch also syncs your projects to the Adobe Creative Cloud for easier access anywhere.

5. Evernote – Collect, store, and access all your ideas, photos, and other things from any smart device. This is the perfect app for people on the move. This digital extension of your brain is the best app to store your creative ideas.

6.View Web Source – If you’re into HTML coding, this app allows you to view and download a website’s entire source code, allowing you to edit and manipulate it. Also, it allows you to copy and paste the HTML codes, save it to your device or send it via email.

Apps have gone a long way from being just forms of entertainment. They’ve proven to be indispensible tools for creating new designs and content for mobile users. From apps that can take high-resolution pictures to those that have developing color palettes, designers now have the tools to optimize websites for the mobile market.

With the availability of compact smart devices, designers can now show their ideas and concepts to their clients on the spot. Also, it’s important for designers to always be updated with the latest in the industry. As the market evolves, so does design and it flows with the changes of the times. It’s important to look for sources of good information, technology, apps, and adapting new strategies for new projects.

Do you have other apps you can share with our readers? Drop them below on our comment box.

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