Secret SEO Techniques That Can Be Used In Instagram

If you want to take photo driven initiatives for your business, Instagram can be the right choice. When you can be a little creative with your pictures, your goals can be met faster than you have expected. Here are some effective SEO techniques for using in Instagram.

Connect With Charity Or Non Profit Organizations:  People will obviously love supporting the organizations who are giving back to the community. Even if your business is not directly connected with the charity, there can be some indirect connections. You may help the nonprofit organizations by sharing a part of your profit from the business, or can send some of your employees to the trips for community services or can also raise fund for a particular project that you care for. Now, the images, including the social activities can be shared in Instagram and can therefore help in your optimization process.

Perform A Keyword Research For Hash Tags: Though Instagram is not similar to search engines, it has a search function with the help of hash tags. Hash tags can be used with the relevant photos to obtain the maximum reach by increasing the search volume. The use of hash tags is never restricted and you can use many of them to get the visibility. You can simply provide a list of relevant hash tags and need not be afraid like the keyword stuffing factor. You do not have any hash tag planner tool like the Google Keyword planner. Therefore, you are required to determine by yourself about the relevant hash tags. You can obtain the top 100 hash tags of Instagram through the tool named Websta. Through this, you can get a clear idea about the hash tags that are commonly being used by the users for increasing the Instagram followers.

Use Business Tools Of Instagram: With relevant pictures and stories, you can easily connect with your target audience through Instagram. Now, it will surely add to your marketing process if you can choose the right filter and use the right business tools in Instagram. Paid advertising can often reach your images to the right people at the right time. There are various metrics which help in identifying the posts which are performing better. Some of the metrics are shares, impressions, insights, engagement, reach etc. All these metrics will easily be available in the campaign section of your Instagram account.

Hold Contests And Give Away Prizes:  Though it can be a little expensive affair for giving away prizes for contests.  But if you can invest some money here, your business can definitely go a long way through the social media. When you announce contests, you can easily gain some extra followers in thousands. For creating the contests, there can be various creative ways.  For example, you can arrange for a photo contest where participants are asked to send photos which are relevant to the hash tag you have created like #LifeInCountryside.

Purchase Accounts Which Are Already Established: When you are buying accounts which are established, you are gaining a huge number of followers with the account. But this approach can also be misleading, if the audience is completely irrelevant to the type of the business, in which the organization is involved. Always ensure that quality talks more than quantity in case of your online marketing process.

You cannot build links through Instagram because the link back to your website can be added but cannot be hyperlinked. Pictures with relevant hash tags can be used for attracting audience. So, make sure you are using the right techniques at the right time to get visibility from the right audience in Instagram.

Author Bio:  George Morrison is a social media professional who shares some secret SEO techniques which can be used through Instagram. If you can follow the tips thoroughly, you can expect a high increase in the number of your Instagram followers.