Six Hiring Trends that Will Affect Your Career

Each company solves the problem of staff shortages in its own way. Some develop tempting compensation packages and entice specialists from competing firms; others improve the system of training or invent special motivational programs. Each method has its pros and cons. A universal human resource management tool has not yet been invented. Leading world experts formulated the main directions in the selection of personnel, which will develop over the next couple of years.

Trend №1 – Passive Candidates Are in the Spotlight

In the modern world, most companies strive to find an employee for a certain amount of dollars as quickly as possible. Rare vacancies remain relevant for months. New employees were needed yesterday, so recruiters are no longer just waiting for feedback on posted ads, but taking the initiative in their own hands. About 85% of the audience for job search sites is “passive candidates.” They do not think seriously about the change of employer until they are presented with the opportunities and benefits of cooperation with another organization. John Sullivan, an HR consultant writes that:

“Instead of the resume, companies can work with the candidate’s profile in social networks, which will open the doors to candidates who are not actively searching for a new position.”

What Does This Mean for the Applicant?

A personal profile on Facebook or LinkedIn is a must have the next few years since they become the main source of hiring.

You no longer have to spend a lot of time on posting resumes on dozens of similar sites. It is enough to attend 1-2 of the most visited in your region.

Trend № 2 – Quality of Employment Forms the Brand of the Company

It is not important now what the organization says about itself, but it is decisive what people say about it. More and more employers come to the realization of this principle and are serious about working with the brand. In conformity with LinkedIn data, which were collected by interviewing more than 3,800 employees of HR departments around the world, in 2015 the development of the employer’s brand was a priority for 62% of companies. 59% of companies significantly increased their investments in relevant activities. In the last two years, this figure continued to grow and now this indicator does not lose its relevance.

For an Employee, This Means the Following.

The principle “the best work for the best” not only has not lost its relevance but is successfully implemented in the life of the absolute majority of companies.

Secondly, directly during the interview, focus the attention of the recruiter on the fact that you plan to grow inside the company. This does not mean that you have to dream about the SEO’s post. You can successfully build a horizontal career.

Third, allocate time and investment in the formation of a personal brand. Declare yourself in a professional environment as an expert, and your chances of getting into the dream organization will increase substantially.

Trend №3 – Encouraging Internal Mobility of Staff helps to Keep It

HR-managers are struggling to ensure that the employee finds opportunities for self-fulfillment within his own company. In conformity with the LinkedIn research, about half of the companies surveyed (46%) are already practicing internal recruiting, and another third (32%) speak of it as a priority for the near future. Therefore, if the employee today decides to change his post or even a specialty, he will be offered to do it within the framework of his organization.

How Can You Use This Trend to Your Advantage If You Are an Applicant?

Be sure to review all available information about the company before the interview.

Think about what you might be interested to do in three years? And how can you realize your plans within this organization?

Trend №4 – Recommendations Are the Main Source of Quality Employment

In the context of a sharp struggle for talent, recruiters grab for any opportunity to attract an excellent specialist to the company. And what could be better than the recommendations of working staff or even candidates?

Despite the fact that specialized sites that are gradually replaced by social networks are still the main source of hiring, many companies are developing and implementing global referral projects. In conformity with LinkedIn, 39% of companies around the world plan to develop programs to attract referees.

How to Benefit from This Trend?

Those who want to be in the trend should also pay close attention to their professional contacts and:

communicate in professional circles;

build and maintain relationships with colleagues, clients, contractors;

be interested in the life of the industry, keep abreast of the latest trends and innovations;

develop your personal brand.

Trend №5 – Work with Staff Acquires Features of Service

The relationship between the employer and the employee becomes closer and more humane. An employee is looking for a company that will satisfy all his different needs – not only in money but also in tasks, communication, recognition and so on. At the same time, the company wants to control emotions and impressions of the work to better manage this employee.

Therefore, by analogy with the client experience, the employee experience appeared. Companies are gradually moving away from the classic understanding of B2B or B2C to the H2H-human to human approach. Any business is done by people and for people. In companies that strive to become such, each employee is important not only as a professional but also as a person. It is important for the employer what values employees broadcast, whether their worldview coincides with the company’s values. The company “buys” not a resume with work experience, but a person with his competencies.

What Can an Employee Do?

In order to “sell” yourself not only as a professional but also as a person, you need to study the corporate values of a potential employer and try these values on yourself.

If they suit you, put an emphasis on this during the interview. If something confuses you, you still have time to work on yourself or pay attention to other job offers.

Trend №6 – Revival of HR Branding

Transition to H2H business and monitoring of the employee’s experience inevitably leads to the fact that the importance of the employer’s brand in attracting and retaining talents increases.  This trend has been on the market for a long time, and the stratification between companies with a bright HR brand and with its absence is increasingly noticeable. The struggle for the young, for the new generations of employees, is still going on.

The generation of Facebook is growing up and already starting to get a job, changes the rules of the game between the employer and the employee. Currently, there is no domination of the company over the individual: the employee is now the leader in the labor relationships.

What Should You Know?

Yes, an employee or even a potential candidate can already in some sense dictate his own rules.

However, do not forget that competition is also quite large, especially in the most promising areas. Therefore, the most reasonable advice is to follow the golden mean.

Now you are informed about the latest trends in the recruitment and hiring of personnel. Use this knowledge to find the work of your dreams and take another very important step on your way to yourself.