Stay Away From the 3 Most Common Marketing Misconceptions about LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undeniably the best place for building relationships and making sales. No wonder around 76% of all CEOs are in the habit of checking LinkedIn daily. About 50% of the users probably would end up buying from a firm they have engaged on this particular platform. Around 80% users actually agreed that company connections are great for providing opportunities to improve professional decision-making. Moreover, LinkedIn members boast of possessing almost twice the purchasing power as compared to that of Facebook users. But there are some startup CEOs and small business owners that are encountering just a single issue with the platform. They are all using it wrong.

LinkedIn is a brilliant platform for widening your professional network. However, some people have many misconceptions about LinkedIn and they have no clue about how to make the most of all the tools that the platform offers to its users. Many of you do not understand the true power of the platform. Here are some of the myths or misconceptions about LinkedIn.

Misconception No.1: LinkedIn is meant for only low-grade sales pitches and is notorious for unsolicited sales pitches and spam

In reality, numerous networkers are constantly developing strong and long-term business relationships via LinkedIn discussion groups. It is a good idea for startup leaders to come and approach LinkedIn with the similar strategic attention they attach to actual face-to-face marketing.

For instance, Tom Swip, the CEO and President of Swip Systems had successfully used this strategy for nurturing relationships and shifting prospects from LinkedIn into real-world commercial and business communications. He could achieve this by simply targeting his perfect clients with Midwest Manufacturing Leaders, a LinkedIn group. Heading this LinkedIn group helps to keep Swip’s brand always in front of potential customers without really being pushy or spammy. This connection has proved to be fruitful in gaining new clients and more importantly, continued brand building. LinkedIn is very useful for the success of any online Internet marketing company.

Misconception No. 2: You should update your profile only when you are searching a job

In reality, in this highly competitive world especially the job market, you need to maintain and keep growing your professional brand. Updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time is a smart move and is bound to get you profitable opportunities in future.

You may love the job you are presently engaged in but that should not stop you from making an effort to grow your professional network. You must always try to connect with professional associates, inspirations, and like-minded superiors. Professional networking is just like friendship and so true relationship should be nurtured and maintained. You would have opportunities knocking on your door and you would no longer need to hunt for opportunities anymore.

Misconception No. 3: LinkedIn is only about you

In reality concentrating only on you and your business is a flop marketing strategy on all platforms and particularly on LinkedIn. 74% members of a group comprising US residents told in a survey that they had actually trusted educational content that came from businesses on specific topics. However, there was a drastic fall in the trust numbers once these companies kept on pushing for sales. Businesses should also, talk about other firm’s developments and achievements within the space for demonstrating that they are actually interested in the bigger picture.

It is a good idea not to limit yourself and your posts only to information about you and your company. You must consider sharing something that would be fitting within the given parameters of your specific brand voice. You should consider developing a broad spectrum of topics that are relevant to your specific field and go about providing insight into them. This would help you gain the much-needed attention from other members of the same professional community and you would surely stand out from the rest.

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