The Best Business Vines From August

Marketers have yet another social media tool at their disposal. Vine, a new app from Twitter, enables business to connect with its followers through 6.5-second video clips which loop over and over. Vine is most known for videos both humorous and ridiculous, but businesses have caught on to turn these short snippets into brand builders. Whether you manage a large marketing budget or a small business, Vine can help you connect with followers in a relevant way. Here are some of our favorite business Vine clips from August.


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Who says you can’t provide value in seven seconds? Lowe’s operates under the mantra “never stop improving,” and it’s Vine account gives users valuable tips to carry out this creed. The #lowesfixinsix Vine campaign demonstrates practical ways to solve common household problems. A recent Lowes Vine offered a clever way to keep plants watered over long spans of time.

True Blood

Those who watch “True Blood” are generally passionate fans. Fanatics of this HBO show probably watched the Vine announcement that it was returning for a seventh season over and over just be sure it was real. Who knows? This clever clip might also inspire a new energy drink.


Always pushing the envelop in its marketing campaigns, Dove has a knack for translating heart-felt emotions in compact ways. That’s the case with it’s latest Vine, a simple message from a woman to her younger self. This personal care brand isn’t afraid to try new things to make customers feel comfortable in their own skin.

General Electric

The worst thing you can be on social media is boring. General Electric is one of the most active brands on social media, regularly delivering creative clips. From oil producers to Internet providers, hundreds of businesses depend on GE for power management. This massive brand’s ambition shines through its social media presence. A recent Vine prompted users to respond with science clips of their own. Whether or not users participate in this initiative, they’ll be more likely to follow General Electric because of interesting Vines like this.

Red Vines

Who’s up for a little magic? Red Vines wants users to know that a delicious treat isn’t all that awaits its customers. This Vine shows the potential of Red Vines rewards. While redeeming points may not be as simple as a snap, we appreciate the licorice makers clever thinking. Entertain viewers with your clips and they’ll be more likely to remember the message.