The Best Types of Apps for College Students

These days, there is an app for everything that you could possibly need help with. Whether it’s putting together your timetable, shopping, tracking your spending or even simply playing games and having fun, new apps which meet your various needs are being released daily. When you are a student, apps for your smartphone, laptop or tablet can be hugely beneficial for your education. But, with so many different useful apps to choose from, which ones are the best to download? We’ve listed some of the best types of apps that can be extremely helpful for college students.

Timetabling Apps

If you struggle to remember your timetable and want somewhere convenient and easy to access where you can store your class, assignment and exam schedules, there are a range of great timetabling apps to choose from. These apps are also great for students who are taking their course online, for example if you’re working towards a masters of business administration online from Northeastern University. Whether you have physical classes to go to or you have put together your own study timetable for online or distance learning, having a good timetabling app can definitely make things easier for you.

Resource Apps

Depending on the subject that you are studying, there are a number of resource apps available that are designed to help students. For example, those enrolled on online MBA programs can find a range of different apps that provide them with a variety of articles, reports, and information, which can help them stay up to date with their course and provide them with various ideas and research materials for their assignments and more.

Social Media Apps

Social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter may have a bit of a reputation for being amongst the main distractions for students, but you can actually use them to benefit your education. Not only can social media be used to follow people and institutions that are important within your industry and area of study, but you can also use them to keep in touch with classmates and easily collaborate on group work, and more.

Money Tracking Apps

Last but not least, money worries are amongst some of the main reasons why students struggle at college and many students even quit their course due to being unable to afford the cost of living. With tuition fees on the rise and the cost of student life looking set to rise in the near future too, money tracking apps can be incredibly useful for students, as they will help them to budget wisely and better work out how much money they can comfortably spend. Although these apps might not be directly related to your studies, they can definitely make getting a college education much less stressful.

With so many apps available to help users with a range of different things, college students can benefit from a huge amount of choice when it comes to apps that they can download to help them with their studies. Which student apps are your favorites?

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