Top 10 Reasons Why Web to Print Software, the Key to Exponential Printing Company Growth

Is your printing company looking for ways to increase sales? Are you considering incorporating web to print software into your printing day to day activities? This is a huge step within any company and utmost care should be taken so as to choose the most suitable web to print software solution.


When choosing web to print software, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is it easy to use?

Web to print software should be used to help your company and brand standardize and simplify its marketing efforts. The solution should be friendly to use so that the staff does not waste too much time training to use the new software. When choosing such software one should put into consideration how much time it will take for the end users to get the hang of it.

2. Can it be used to its full potential?

Your choice of web to print software should be fully implemented so that the company can take full advantage of its full capabilities. There is no need to purchase a solution which has features that your company does not need. This may bring about lots of confusion while learning to use the software especially for the end users.

3. Does it satisfy your needs?


A web to print solution should be in line with all your needs and requirements. All the features that comprise the software should enable you to achieve your business goals. If you are a web2 print tshirt designer, the software should enable you to create good tshirts for your online print shops. The software should also not have too many complex features that are so difficult to adopt. The software is meant to make your work easier, not harder.

4. Does your software provider give training?

It is no secret that dealing with new software at any workplace is hectic. This is the reason your software provider should give training for some or all of your staff so that they can know the basics pertaining the software.  It will make it much easier for the staff to start using the software. The provider should provide training for both the management and the end users so that everyone knows how to interact with the software.

5. Does your software provider provide support?

Sometimes software can be unpredictable. With no technical support from the software provider, your company may find itself at a standstill. The solution that is meant to grow your business may in fact start letting you down majorly because of lack of support. The software provider should be on call to respond to end user customer service at all times. The software company consultants must do everything that pertains to having the software up and running before you start using it officially. They are the ones that have the complete knowledge on all the details about setting up the software.

6. Who is providing the software?

You may get your web to print software from a tech company or from a printing/marketing company. While both are viable options you need to really look into your company requirements so as to make the wisest choice possible. Tech company solutions are usually more expensive. They also work with 3rd party providers which could be a drawback since they could lack comprehensive and efficient customer support.  If you could get a third party provider who provided efficient customer support, it could be a win-win situation for you since you get to host the software and control everything about your online print shops.

Printing/Marketing company fees are lower since you pay per order. This may actually translate into higher fees if you have very many orders at once. You also have less control especially if you are a web2print tshirt designer. However, solutions from printing companies could be viable if you are not into large scale printing.

7. Will the web to print software help your company to grow?


The main reason a company makes any investment is that they will get something positive from it. It should also be so with the web to print software. There should be some return of investment. A web to print solution should be a custom web to print tool for ecommerce website for the company in question. It must make the company get more clients for the business and also attract more business from existing customers.

8. How many companies are using the solution?

Before purchasing web to print software you should conduct in depth research so as to determine how many people are actually satisfied with using a certain solution. Even though your needs might be different, feedback can give you a head start as you look for a suitable web to print software for your company.

9. Will you require an in house solution or a pre-existing solution?


This should be considered especially if you are worried about security. There is no doubt that an in-house solution is more secure than a pre-existing solution. However, its implementation may take a very long time since it involves having a solution customized for your company. It is definitely more expensive than a pre-existing solution. Maintenance may also be a pain since the programmers who created your solution may be the only ones capable of solving any problem occurring in the solution.

A pre-existing solution can be a better choice since implementation and maintenance costs are not overly high since many can actually deal with it. The companies that own the solution have a support system that helps the companies using the software to be at ease even if there is a problem since they will always be available to rectify any problem at hand.

10. Should you use licensed or web based SaaS (software as a service) solutions?

Really there is absolutely no difference between using hosted or licensed software solutions. This is because only the status of the software provider company determines how the users will end up. If the software provider company is diligent then your company will have nothing to worry about.  So as to be really sure that you are dealing with a reputable company you must check the software provider, how many companies use its solution and so forth. It may also be useful to look at the stock prices of the company if it is listed.

To get the most ideal custom web to print tool for ecommerce website you need to ask yourself the above questions. Good luck as you makes the right choice!

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