Top Web Developers to Follow on Twitter

It’s possible to use Twitter to stay up to date with various web development trends; doing so can mean that you can learn about new software and design tips, while also staying connected to a large community of other developers and designers. The best web developers on Twitter are also notable for being prolific posters, and for retweeting the best articles and tutorials from around the Internet. Moreover, some are just entertaining, even when they’re not tweeting about their work. With these factors in mind, who are some of the best web developers to follow on Twitter?


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Chris Spooner @chrisspooner

This Sheffield based designer and developer frequently blogs on the importance of good typography to sites, as well as on vlogs, new plugins, and useful tutorials. Spooner’s Twitter feed is also useful for learning more about the history of web design and vintage typography.

Eric A. Meyer @meyerweb

While posting primarily on XHTML and CSS, Meyer also covers a wide range of other topics, most of which relate back to his work at With 17,000 posts already made, Meyer is one of the most prolific developers on Twitter, and provides consistently entertaining comments on the changing nature of the web.

Matteo Spinelli @cubiq

Based in Italy, Spinelli is an expert in Linux and Macs, as well as changes to the iPad. Recent posts have covered everything from gaming to Android and LESS, as well as HP and the importance of scrolling to new website development.

Sarah Parmenter @sazzy

With 27,299 followers, Parmenter is one of the most popular web developers on Twitter. Based out of Leigh-on-Sea, Parmenter posts on topics related back to her company YouKnowWho, as well as on Macs, web communities, and her speaking engagements.

Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman

One of the leading figures in web standard developments and the importance of high quality design, Zeldman is a prolific poster, and extends many of the experiences and successes he’s experienced through agency Happy Cog.

Doug Bowman @stop

The creative director of Twitter, Bowman also runs his own consulting firm, Stopdesign, and has previously worked for Google. An excellent resource for industry news, and for his ideas on apps and responsive design.

Ethan Marcotte @beep

A regular poster on CSS and responsive web design, Marcotte’s feed is also recommended for his humorous commentary and interaction with followers – at 17,000 tweets, Marcotte is one of the most reliable experts in current web development.

Snook @snookca

With 30,000 plus followers, Snook is a highly popular expert on changing web design and development trends; posts cover everything from CakePHP to iPads, as well as his work negotiating the current web design industry.

Arthur Brown Jr. @arthurbrownjr

A developer and designer who posts on CSS, CSS3 animations, social content and SEO, Brown posts tutorials and a wide range of different links, making him one of the most comprehensive resources for aspiring developers on Twitter.

Molly Holzschlag

Tweeting on open web standards, HTML changes, and CSS, Holzschlag provides regular commentary on industry changes, as well as some of the latest approaches to web design, and is an important information source.

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