Using WordPress themes on your website

When people first start thinking about setting up a website and they have no previous experience it can be a daunting prospect. They may ask themselves questions like:

“How do I design a page?” or “How can I make the site look engaging to visitors?”

The good news is that the majority of website platforms will do all of the hard work for you. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to set up your own website and you don’t need to have a degree in web development to make the website look appealing to users.

WordPress provides a fantastic feature that takes care of the styling and design so that you don’t have to. WordPress has a catalogue of themes that you can choose from to ensure your site stands out from the rest and has potential customers engaged with the professional website representing your business.

So what exactly does a theme do?

To summarise, themes are groups of files that are pulled together to provide what end users will see and control how your site behaves e.g. responsive or static.

Popular WordPress Themes

There are so many themes available that you will find it very difficult to select one. To be honest they all are pretty great, the hard part is picking which of them will work best for your own website. So let’s look at a few of them to see which ones might work well for you:

There are a lot of sites that will provide a detailed listing of themes such as but here we will provide a quick overview of what you can expect from the most popular free themes.

Twenty Sixteen

A top choice with current users boasting over 1 million installs, it works very well with the bloggers and provides customised colour schemes whilst structuring your text columns in a vey attractive layout for readers.

Zerif LITE

Did we mention it’s free??? Absolutely no cost for a very popular business website theme. Oh and of course it’s responsive so you don’t have to worry about people accessing from all ranges of devices. It’s one of the top choices for business websites for good reason.


Okay so it sounds kind of boring but sometimes boring is good. Dependable, easy to use and predictable, as in predictably popular and reliably attractive to end users.


A beautiful option for your website theme. Sleek, modern and pretty pleasing on the eye. The clue is in the name as it’s nicely spacious and ever so accommodating. You will never feel overcrowded with this theme. Lots of page layouts to choose from and a selection of blog displays, what’s not to like about Spacious?

Anyway, that’s just a few from the massive range of WordPress themes that are available. You need to see the full range to appreciate the art of the possible and decide which one is the perfect theme for your website. We recommend that you browse the full range available before making the important decision on which theme to go with.