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It is that moment of your life that you had been waiting for all the while. You have gone through the entire list one million times and you still want to make sure that no stone leaves unturned so that your wedding is the most awaited event not only for you but also for your relatives and friends alike. The moment cannot be passed.




But the biggest problem yet to face is the list – the guest list. It is going to drive you crazy for sure making up the huge list and by the end of it – trust me, I did feel – paranoid is what you become trying to complete the list. Forget one person and the whole world will remind you of them! It is really tough and my mom was, well, very demanding I tell you.



When finally the list ended, we were presented to a bigger problem – getting the invitation cards printed. It was such a heinous job I am telling you that it was a long journey of walking up and down at least a million stores in and around Surrey that made my feet ache to my wits’ end.


Finally, I hit jackpot! I got this amazing on line portal that made my nightmares and my efforts come down to zero. I got the best invitation card and I had to do nothing! Nothing whatsoever! Ma was really happy about that. The invitations were designed better than my imagination and I was only happy that I came across beanprint and had wished I had come across it a long time back now!



They give three options for designing:

  • On line Editor where I could easily design my own kind of designs. That’s where my designer brain came in handy

  • Free Templates – they had this ready made set of templates from which I could choose and they would give a fine design out of it

  • Self Upload Artwork – I could upload the design of my imagination and they would get back with the design better than my imagination


So, I chose a ready made template and gave all the specifications of the card and what all it should contain and it should not contain! Ultimately, with all the details given, I just leaned back on my couch and I put my order on priority and poof! It came right in two days! Something that I had not expected at all!


You too can get the same benefit like me – if you have gone through the pains of getting a good invitation card professionals then beanprint are the best that you could go for. I loved their design and so did my wife and we actually got complemented on our wedding day for our wedding card!


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Author Bio:

Chris is a Digital Marketing design head and what he likes the most is the way print designs create magic. Located in the beautiful town of Surrey with a picturesque landscape to fill in imagination, it is Martin’s favorite job to mix different kind of designs to produce some of the best creations.

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