Why Commercial Printing Vendors Should Invest in Web-to-Print?

Why Commercial Printing Vendors Should Invest in Web-to-Print?.png

Why Commercial Printing Vendors Should Invest in Web-to-Print?.png

The pace at which the online market is progressing is something unheard of. With the escalating use of internet on easily accessible and affordable devices, people are increasingly getting dependent on internet for their day to day chores. While some of the industries have already formed a competitive market online, few others with tremendous potential are yet to be exploited.

Web-to-print is one such industry. In spite of immense scope, the market is not yet crowded and that makes it the perfect point in time for commercial printing vendors to invest in a web-to-print business. While the technology required for such a venture may be overwhelming for some bring and mortar businesses, with the advent of many web-to-print storefront and software solutions, even the technology part isn’t a roadblock anymore.

But should a traditional printing vendor really take all that trouble and extend online? Yes. Considering all the benefits of a web-to-print business model, investing in such a process will help propel growth for traditional printing vendors. Let’s understand how.

By making the process faster

By migrating or extending your business online, you can speed up the buying-selling process. The customer orders the goods online and you get to work on it as soon as they click on the buy button. There is no hoarding of products as you can immediately ship it off to the customers instead of waiting for them to pick it off. The payment process also gets much more organized as you receive timely payments for all your invoices.

By reaching out to a bigger customer base

As a commercial printing vendor you have a limited customer base which extends to the nearby locality and few other loyal clients. By launching your business online, you can reach out to a much bigger market. Web-to-print eliminates your limitation in terms of location. You can sell beyond geographical boundaries just by managing the logistics suitably.

By reducing the cost of day to day operations

Web-to-print won’t only increase your sales manifold but will also reduce your operational costs to a significant level. Your store is online so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the beautification of your physical shop, electricity bills are reduced, no store display costs, etc. You can send bills to your customer through email. The operational cost is less when you sell more. Therefore, web-to-print definitely helps you save a lot of resources.

By making it convenient at both ends

Apart from being profitable, web-to-print is convenient to both customers and vendor. While the customer gets to order his preferences with the help of a few clicks, the vendor can focus on the production instead of describing the product to each and every customer. It automates the whole process making it easier to transact at both ends.

Web-to-print is a standardized channel between the customer and the commercial printer. The demand for printed goods is on the rise and customers choose to order online to save their time and efforts. It also makes it easier for them to browse through products. Keeping in view the advantages an online store can provide to the print industry, the probable future of the web-to-print business is undeniably promising and definitely worth investing in.

Author Bio:

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering consisting of magento product designer extension and readymade Web to Print Magento Store. He is a tech enthusiast and an avid blogger and writes about Ecommerce, CRM and other web and mobile based technologies.

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