Why everyone is Considering Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten wedding bands serve as some of the most sought after wedding rings in the market, there is no doubt about that. Coming in various sizes and models, so many people have grown to adore this type of wedding band. Are you planning to buy a wedding band? You might probably be wondering why everyone close to you is recommending tungsten bands. Well, there are so many answers.

No bending

One common issue with most bands made of gold, platinum, and other common metals is that of bending. When subjected to higher pressure, such rings are likely to lose shape or even cause injury because of their ability to bend. With tungsten wedding band, you have nothing to worry about because it will retain its shape regardless of the tension it is subjected to.

Highly Resistant to Scratching

Bands made of tungsten will only scratch when subjected to extreme measures, say abrasion from diamonds or corundum. Otherwise, it will retain its look. What makes this so exciting? Well, tungsten bands remain the only ones that can be permanently polished. Several years after buying this wedding band, you will not need any re-polishing services because of its capability to retain original colour. Do you find that interesting?

Affordable Option

Compared to wedding bands from other materials like platinum or gold, tungsten wedding bands seem to be more affordable. They still provide the elegance, radiance, and beauty expected from a classy wedding band without the worry of spending too much. You can end up saving so much by getting yourself or your loved one a stylish tungsten band.

Designed to last

For those whose jobs involve tough environments, you know how tricky it can get when it comes to maintaining your wedding band. If your profession involves lots of handwork, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to buying tungsten wedding band. It will serve you for so long without necessarily worrying about dents or scratches on your jewellery. Tungsten stands as one of the most durable metals in the world, one with the highest melting point to be precise. That can as well explain why people consider tungsten band as an eventual breakthrough in the jewellery realm. If you are worried about wear issues, tungsten gives you a safer alternative. Ideally, statistics has it that tungsten carbide is 10 times tougher than 18Kt gold and 4 times harder than titanium. Isn’t that the kind of material you need for a wedding band?

Be wary of the myths

The praises notwithstanding, tungsten also has its own fair share of controversies. For one, many people claim that tungsten bands are so brittle and risk breaking. Well, compared to other metal like gold or platinum, tungsten is indeed brittle. However, it will only break when subjected to sever tension. Yet again, you should know that it is possible to remove tungsten bands from your hands using specialised equipment so do not buy any myth suggesting otherwise.

Compared to several bands, tungsten wedding bands still serve as some of the most sought after bands. With so many benefits attached to them, you have every reason to grab one for your wedding!

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