With WordPress Revolution Check out What Could be in the Store For the Future


Within a short span of time of about a decade, the WordPress content management system has evolved as one of the most sought after CMS that has large number loyal users.

Though it made a humble beginning as primarily a platform that is ideally suited for the bloggers but it has ultimately evolved as a CMS that is widely used by designers for developing official websites of different business houses or ecommerce websites or websites of other categories. The introduction of this CMS with its cutting edge features, easy customizing options, SEO friendly features have brought about a dynamic change in the sphere of web designing. In this write up let us review the growth of this CMS up till now as well as its future prospects.


First Open Source CMS

The primary fact that has contributed to the acceptance of this CMS by the masses is that it was first open sourced CMS. It has opened up new possibilities for the novice designers who have little conception in this field but wanted to try their hands in website designing. Previously the field of website designing was only restricted to the experts and skilled wordpress designer who have in depth knowledge in computer languages. However, with the introduction of this free web designing platform that have the WYSIWYG editing option, even without having any knowledge in coding language it is possible to develop websites and also integrate many advanced features which ensures high tech functionality.

WordpressImage Credit : Binary Moon

The future prospects

From being a sheer blogging platform, WordPress has traversed a long way and evolved as the most dynamic web publishing tool with diverse functionality. It’s fast pace of growth in the past years has led the web designers to assume that in the future course of time it’s development will be also far stretched. Here are some of the areas in which the designers are apprehending that their will be considerable growth.

In the field of content publishing

Though content publishing has been the main focus of this content management system from the time of its inception but the designers are expecting the inclusion of certain cutting edge features like easy way to publish multimedia content, webcasting and podcasting. This will engage the viewers with the website and also positively impact the traffic of the website.

ERP solution

In the future course of time, the web designers are expecting the WordPress developers to come up with comprehensive ERP solution whereby from this sole platform the clients will be able to handle all aspects of the business house with efficiency. For example not only the management of the website but the promotion of the websites using it, handling different client request and accounts of the company can also be managed using it.

Advanced customer care options

In the present WordPress platform it is possible to integrate a lot of advanced client management features like live chat box whereby the enquiries of the clients can be addressed instantaneously met or the inclusion of email forms. However, the web designers are expecting that in the future course of time WordPress users will be also able to video chat with the clients or engage in other forms of real time communication like connecting with the customer care by phone directly from the website as is available in Skype.

Availability of 3D images

The WordPress users should also take the initiative to include features so that 3D images of the articles to be sold can be seen by the prospective buyers so that they can have a feel of the thing before buying it. This factor is definitely going to contribute to the augmentation of the traffic of a particular website using such unique sales promotion way.

The WordPress developers are already engaged in coming up with such archetype programs, but it is still in the developmental stage. Once such features are integrated in WordPress it will be really beneficial for the entrepreneurs who use this platform for the promotion of their businesses.

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