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Top Free Sans Serif Fonts to Make Your Designs Look Great

To make your design look cool and splendid a designer depends upon a number of fresh and new fonts. The fonts can really make or mar any design. Sans Serif fonts are generally used for paragraph text along with headings and sub headings. These fonts are simply very easy to read over the screens. The Sans Serif fonts carry the extra bits linked to each other which are at times termed as feet. The Wikipedia describes these fonts as semi structural details. The below is the list of top free Sans Serif fonts which helps you in making awesome designs.

IC Circle

Social Media Icons – 2012

This year would be the year of icons. There have been scores of icon created for social media. These collections of icons
would match everyone’s taste. You can use these fresh icons on your blog or website. The designs of the icons are
friendly and would suit your website and blog, this will allows the visitors of your website or blog to share their views and
content through their network.