Psychedelic Furs

10 Vintage Rock T-Shirt Designs

Modern t-shirts are great—there are a ton of young, talented designers in the field creating shirts that are both stylish and innovative. Vintage t-shirts, however, just have a certain charm. An original vintage rock t-shirt just emits a certain magical aura. Sure, modern ‘retro’ t-shirts can reprint old designs, but there’s something lost in translation. This little showcase features ten great designs from years gone by—the top of the old school class.

Web Design

15 amazing resources to keep you updated as web designer

The web design evolved in the last two decades as other domains in hundreds of years; in fact the entire society is progressing faster and faster. Willing or not, the web designers must keep the same rhythm even if it means many personal sacrifices and tons of unsleeping nights. Good sources of information for web designers are the blogs treating this subject; these are posting instantly the latest news and techniques. Therefore visiting these is very necessary to keep updated with what is happening in the web design community…but what is happening here?