What Causes Water Damage and How to avoid it

 Water damage has many different sources. It’s up to the diligent homeowner to find ways it can happen and prevent them before water can get a chance to cause damage. What are some things to look for? Here are our recommendations.

Old pipes

Plumbing should be inspected at least once a year for cracks and leaks. One of the best ways to see if you do have a hidden leak is to look at your water bill. If your usage is going up over time or suddenly spikes and you don’t know why, it’s quite likely there is a leak that needs to be addressed. Also, if you have an older home with polybutylene piping, it needs to be replaced. This material breaks down suddenly and is no longer up to code.


A tree growing too close to a home can cause a number of problems. Branches rubbing on the roof in a storm can compromise the roof. Tree roots can grow and push into the foundation to cause a crack. They can also push against underground pipes and cause leaks or even break the pipe. Plus, there is always the danger of a blowover in a storm. Trees may look good near a house but they can become the reason you have to call for water damage restoration services.

Cracked foundation or basement

Foundations and basement walls can also crack due to time and pressure. Even a tiny crack in a basement wall can let in a surprising amount of water. Foundations and basement walls should be checked at least yearly for damage. Seal any cracks as soon as you find them and consider installing a sump pump. Also clean your gutters and downspouts yearly. This keeps water from pooling near your foundation and cause cracks.


Roofs also break down over time. As shingles lose their ability to shed water, a drip can start between the sheathing and invade your attic or ceiling crawlspace. By the time the water reaches your ceiling drywall, the damage can get extensive. Get your roof inspected yearly to prevent problems before they start.

Unmaintained appliances

Finally, appliances with failing washers and hoses can cause a huge amount of water damage once they fail. In fact, appliance failure is one of the leading causes of unexpected water damage. Check hoses and washers for wear and tear at least yearly on your dishwasher and washer, and check your sinks for hidden leaks as well.

If you keep these four sources of water damage under control, you’ll eliminate the major risks to your home.

Author Bio: Michael is the Head of Customer Care Department at ServiceProsLocal.com with primary focus on client satisfaction. He is passionate about his work and sharing his experience. He blogs about everything related to home building, improving and decorating. Very concerned of current ecological situation, especially water scarcity issues. He believes there are no secret paths to success and it is only the result of hard work and learning from failures.

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