Diamond Jewelry Trends You Should Know About

Diamonds have been ruling the minds and hearts of women since time immemorial. Diamonds are surely the ultimate in glitziness and they are often referred to as the sparkling fragments of stars or even tears of Gods. Mankind has always been fascinated and besotted by the beauty and the glitter of diamonds. Dressing for any special occasion would be clearly incomplete without the sparkling jewelry embellished with precious diamonds. You could wear an opulent necklace, or emerald chandeliers or simply a power ring; you must wear something striking for balancing your outfit.

Any reference to jewelry would be incomplete without discussing diamonds. No trend in the world of jewelry has attracted and captivated the hearts of the fashionistas, romantics, socialites and even the accessory savvy women than the high and mighty diamond. Needless to say that diamonds have been successful in standing the test of time, however, this would not be possible without a bit of assistance from trendsetting fashion jewelers who introduced and incorporated their individual twists on diamond jewelry.

Your Favorite Pieces at the Tips of Your Finger

The most phenomenal trend in global jewelry scenario is the involvement and the growing popularity of e-commerce and web selling. Though e-commerce has been adopted by practically every type of commodity and service today, fine jewelry has been very slow in making the ultimate transition. According to the experts, the main reason behind the slow integration of fine jewelry marketing with e-commerce is the fact that fine jewelry shopping such as purchasing an anniversary necklace or an engagement ring are all supposed to be emotionally-charged acquisitions. However, it has been forecasted that fine jewelry segment would soon be a foremost segment in the years to come.

Elegance Is the Key

Today the trend is towards delicate and truly feminine-looking diamond-studded jewelry that is amazingly lustrous and even small diamonds are incorporated into gold jewelry for adding the glitz factor. Both bracelets laced with glittering diamonds in radiant designs and embellished neckpieces are extremely popular among the modern women for complementing their chic outfits.

Multi-metals Are In-Vogue

You no longer need to restrict yourself to either gold or white tones. Now you could get jewelry pieces crafted with both cool white and the luxurious rose and yellow gold. The happy combination of multi-metals culminates in the creation of incredibly versatile statement jewelry pieces. Use of multi-metals is the current craze in the jewelry scenario worldwide. Right from bracelets to necklaces to gorgeous diamond engagement rings, this hot trend continues. A dash of color could help in dramatically revitalizing the classic diamonds into something more contemporary and trendy. For instance, today brown diamonds are increasingly used with pink gold for getting the much-aspired earthy look.

Twisted Bands

Twisted bands are replacing the regular bands in case of rings. Two or three or even more bands are actually curled and then braided together beautifully into a mesmerizing ring that offers immense style and certainly an architectural feel that are infused to a quintessential jewelry piece. Twisted bands go a long way in the crafting of exquisite diamond rings.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are in fashion. Nothing could attract attention than a really gorgeous ring; however, earrings would be offering a polishing touch. You could consider complementing your new dress with square hoofs, large disks or glittering chandelier earrings.

Floral Designs

The newest trend sees ornate flowers weaving their way around the modern lady’s wrists, fingers and neck. Never has there been a design as romantic as floral filigree mounted on a diamond necklace; delicate and elegant, yet classy and playful.


Learn more about these hot jewelry trends and keep them in mind while out on your shopping excursion next time. If you are not sure what trend would look sophisticated and chic, you could seek professional assistance from jewelry designers so that you could choose only those hottest trends that would complement your looks and personality.

Author Bio: Selma Jenkins is a jewelry designer and artist. She loves working on minimalist designs for elegant and classy platinum and diamond jewelry and is very active on Instagram and her blog.