Infographic: Top 5 T-Shirt Design Trends That Will Rule Supreme in 2017

The only thing consistent about fashion is- it changes. The trends of today, would tomorrow be a thing of past. As such it is important to remain updated on the latest fashion trend in 2017. The trends in T shirt design too has been changing every year and is becoming more bold and daring.

Let’s take a look at the T shirt design trends of 2017 :

  1. Nature inspired T shirt- With people becoming more and more nature conscious, designer are being inspired to make t shirt designs that has influence of nature and environment. Floral print, natural textures, animal-inspired prints, etc. are few design type that would be a part of nature inspired design.
  2. Cartoon Tees- Yes, they are back. Cartoon tees have been there for years, but in 2017 they are everywhere with colorful cartoon character printed on them. With design full of humor and excitement, these T shirts are surely going to make your wardrobe young.
  3. Gothic design T shirts- With elements such as illustrated mythical sea creatures, pirate skulls, skeletons, vintage typography, etc., gothic T shirts with their unique design create a sense of excitement in the customers. As per the trend Gothic is going to be the next black in T-shirt design.
  4. Feathered fantasy design- Creating a positive vibe, feather design can tickle the fantasy of the designers with designs like exotic peacocks, songbirds, birds of paradise, detailed features, etc.
  5. Floral design T shirts- Floral T shirt designs have always been in trend, but in 2017 they are to be among the biggest fashion trend. A trend representing romance, the floral designed T shirts would have photo-real images of flowers, blurry blooms, watercolor prints, botanical typography, etc.

So, these are the T shirt design trends that are going to rule 2017. How many of these are going to be in your wardrobe collection?  Can you think of any other design trend that would be in trend in 2017? Take a look at the infographic below to get a quick view of the t shirt design trends.

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