5 Effective video marketing strategies that help to grow your business

Entrepreneurs or business leaders that want to grow their businesses must understand the importance of incorporating video as part of their digital marketing strategy. Content is king, no doubt, but it will drive more traffic if it comes with accompanying video presentation.

From all indication, video has the capacity of providing higher return on investment than other forms of content. Experts say that it will increase conversion by 86% or more. Here are 5 effective video marketing strategies that can help to grow your business:

Keep Video short

Your video must demonstrate to your existing and potential clients how your products or services work. This will help your audience to know what exactly they should expect. 1 minute attractive video advertising worth more than a million words.

If you are marketing different types of products, you can create one minute video each for those products or services. This will give your audience a comprehensive view of how your products or services work.

Your business will grow faster than you can ever thought possible with video advertising. Studies have proven that video advertising has the capacity to boost your page to the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Your existing or potential audience are more likely going to spend quality time watching videos than merely reading written contents. Website visitors spend great time watching videos. By incorporating video into your website, you are greatly encouraging audience engagement and traffic.

By putting video into your website, you are encouraging people to share them on their various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To a great extent, this will result to inbound links, leads would be converted to buying customers and ultimately your business will grow. Ensure your video advertising strategy is consistent with your brand.

Make it mobile user friendly

Make sure your video is mobile friendly; if it is not mobile friendly, you will lose a lot of users because more than 80% of internet users make use of smart phones to share videos to their friends and followers. Every day, over 1 million YouTube videos are shared on Twitter and Facebook. Tapping into this big social media marketplace will grow your business greatly.

Include product demonstrations

Create a video that shows in clear terms how your products truly work- this will make your audience to know what to expect. This is better than writing a lengthy product description and publishing them on various social networks.

Make use of social media

The advantages of social media can never be overemphasised. Video advertising creates more impact when they are advertised in various social networks. By creating and sharing videos on social networks, you are encouraging shares, audience engagement and traffic. Take advantage of marketing your video on social media today, and you will be happy you did.

Include your identity

Give your existing and potential audience the privilege to meet those behind your brand. You need to show authenticity and be genuine. Including your identity in the video will build an emotional connection between you, your customer and the brand. This will surely humanize your brand.

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