8 Creative Marketing Ideas To Get Customers Galore

Attracting potential customers is slowly but surely shifting from real life and onto the internet. However, this does not mean that the real life marketing is dead. Quite the opposite, a properly executed advertising campaign has the ability to grab the attention of nearby passengers and focus it solely on the products and services your business is offering. That said, here are 8 creative ideas you can incorporate into your marketing campaign and get more traffic to your store.

Create a unique wall sign

Creating an eye-catching sign is more than simply slapping on block letters on a white concrete wall. Although most cities have rather strict sign-related policies aimed at reducing business promotion to a road-side commodity, presenting a compelling and relatable sign will surely attract the attention of nearby passengers. Just make sure to keep the message short and catchy, fonts clear and legible from afar and use a color scheme which makes the message stand-out from its surrounding.

Use a window display

Popular tourist destinations are often teeming with foot traffic and as such, are ideal for setting up windows displays. The trick with creating a memorable window display is to make sure it features an interesting and attention-grabbing story. A properly designed window display has the ability to encourages impulse shopping by peaking the customer’s curiosity. Like with all signs, keep the message short and sweet and never use a graphic which takes the attention away from the message.

Place your best products up front

If you’re working large products, one of the easiest ways to promote them and attract potential customers is to simply wheel them in front of your store. This is similar to what car and motorcycle dealerships have been doing for years, which is placing the brand new and shiny product right in front of the customers. Again, this is a very good marketing technique, however, it is only applicable when dealing with large products. Small products and apparel are best kept inside.

Light it up with a light pole sign

Light pole signs have been the go-to marketing tools for fast food restaurants, gas stations and seven elevens for years. The reason behind their popularity is two-fold. First, they are large and can be spotted from a distance and second, they aren’t actually used to sell products, but rather to showcase and promote them. Whether your sign will display an information, message or a product is up to you, but try to incorporate your company’s color scheme into the design.

Paint the outside walls

Making your store instantly recognizable for the products and services you’re offering is another excellent advertising trick. Not only does it add some life and color to the otherwise boring unicolor wall, but it also creates a link between your brand colors and your products in the minds of the customers. Spelling out prices and discount promotions is definitely out of the question. The goal here isn’t to scream out prices to passengers, but rather to showcase what you’re offering.

Invest in a portable sign

Portable signs are an excellent cheap alternative to large and otherwise costly billboards. Not to mention that they’re portable, which means that you can get them inside during off-hours and not risk them getting defaced of vandalized. You can use them to write a short bullet-list detailing the benefits, a witty message or showcase your products and services. Just remember to check with the local authorities about the sign registration and proper placement.

Use a banner

Banner advertising can be used as a powerful way to promote services and products to potential customers. You can use them locally, at trade shows or product-related events, as they are rather noticeable due to their size. The corflute signs experts recommend featuring a targeted message which should be simple, short and memorable. If you don’t have any skills related to image and color design, then you might want to let a professional handle the design process.

Let the customers help

There are more ways than one to keep your customers interested in and connected to your brand. But one of the most effective ways is through user-generated content. This type of content relies on the customers themselves to do all the promotion, whether it’s commenting, sharing or posting images and videos. Let the customers submit a picture of them using the product and pick out the best one as the winner, there’s no better marketing than a satisfied customer.

These are just some of the many marketing techniques you can use as a part of your advertising campaign. All of them incorporate a similar type of execution which relies on using a simple and more importantly effective message or a graphic in order to attract the attention of potential customers. Some are cheaper than the others, while other require a little more work to execute properly. Choose the one that best fits your budget, as well as the overall advertising campaign.

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