Reasons People Acquire an Online Installment Loan


Sometimes you just need a little help to recover from a temporary cash setback to get you back on your feet. If you are currently going through a similar situation there are ways to get access to the funds you need fast. 

Benefits of installment loans

With a large population working overtime or a second job just to make ends meet, it isn’t surprising that there’s been an increase in the past decade of the use of online installment loans. These loans are unsecured, so they don’t require collateral, making them ideal for those with less than perfect credit and those who don’t own a home. They are also fairly easy to apply for with minimal requirements, such as a steady job, proof of citizenship and an active checking account. Plus, you can usually receive an approval within 24 hours, allowing you to recover the funds you borrowed from your monthly bills fast. The repayment terms of a few months up to several years are something that attracts many customers because while they need the money quickly, they don’t have it to repay all at once. 

Keeping your head above water

While an installment loan or a credit card might offer a quick solution to your immediate financial hardship, the only way to avoid getting yourself into trouble again is to get yourself on a budget. A budget is something that every family should have in place and commit to it. To get started all you need is a few sheets of paper and all of your bills. List the bills that you need to pay each month and then add in additional expenses like food, gas, cleaning supplies, school fees, and the cleaners. The write down all of your net income. Now all you need to do is deduct your total monthly expenses from your monthly income. The amount you have left over is the number you can work with to reduce your outstanding debt. If you’re wondering why you have money left over on paper but don’t ever have any left in your pockets, it’s because you spend the extra on things like takeout, your morning coffee and other things you enjoy. If you’re going to dig out of the hole and get off the paycheck to paycheck train, you’ll need to show restraint for a short period of time and put all your extra money towards reducing your debt. 

Importance of an emergency fund

For many people just paying the monthly bills is hard enough and trying to come up with even an additional $10 a week that doesn’t need to go towards a bill or food is simply impossible. However, if you part with that money for a few short weeks not only will it become a habit just like buying groceries, but it will also start to grow. Let’s say you add $10 a week to a savings account. Over the course of a few months that tiny $10 now grows into nearly a $100. Imagine what you can save in a year or two from your small $10 investment. As you free up a credit card bill or a loan, apply some of the money towards your savings to have it increase in size even faster. This way the next emergency that comes your way, you’ll have the funds to cover it without the need to take money out of your budget or the need for borrowing a loan with interest. 

Ultimately, the way to avoid having a financial crisis in the future is to tuck away money for a rainy day and reduce your debt down to the bare minimum. If you have credit cards pay them off. A credit card is never supposed to be an open line of credit that you use without having the means to pay it back within the next month. If you learn to spend money wisely and establish an emergency fund, the next time a home or car repair are needed you’ll have the money set aside to cover it. If your overhead is too high, reduce it. Cut back on your cable and your cell phone. The point is to get your monthly obligations paid down so that you can start to enjoy some of the hard earned money you make.


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