Saving Big on Your New Car

Buying a new car is not an easy task, even though it has become a necessity in today’s hectic schedule. The privacy and freedom are unparalleled, however, the long-term payments can drag you down and shave the finer things off your lifestyle. However, there is a way to negotiate the financial aspect in the simplest way. Using a shared economy concept, make your car earn for you and cover those pesky EMIs.

Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative has given thousands of people a lifeline across India by facilitating a new car purchase, allowing them to engage their new vehicles on the Zoomcar rental platform to cover a chunk of the costs. ZAP is a professionally executed shared-ownership program that covers all the details and concerns a car-owner will have. Here are some of the key features of this unique program.

It is a simple app-based arrangement, so you do not have to interact with the customer. You also have total control on when it is listed – put it on the road when you are not using it, don’t let it sit idly in the garage. You can also track it all all times via GPS. Zoomcar uses end to end high-tech from listing to transparent billing. Another required feature that will help you control maintenance costs is Cadabra, a company-developed car monitoring software that will give you alerts on different facets of car usage.

When you list your car, it has to be under a commercial license with Zoomcar. These are compliance requirements and also protect you from any liabilities when the car is being listed. Many ZAPsters with an entrepreneurial mindset take advantage of this liability-free arrangement and list their cars for extensive periods, earning a surplus on their EMI costs.

Zoomcar shares a great relationship with India’s top car manufacturers like Maruti, Ford, Mahindra, Tata and Hyundai; therefore it can help you get a low price car without any compromises. As a ZAPster buying a car with Zoomcar’s help, you also have access to a large network of car financiers, and get to choose a car loan interest rate that suits your budget.

As a ZAPster you can enjoy the unparalleled priveleges of car ownership, while at the same time finding a simple, tech-enabled and guaranteed way of balancing out the extra costs. The shared economy is the best way to deal with expensive living standards and you can add to your income by joining the Zoomcar story, a nationwide brand with 2 million customers.