Why Is There Such a Demand for Virtual Offices in Thailand?


With the Thai economy in a state of accelerated development, entrepreneurs and tech start-ups are flocking to the region in search of big profits. They know that, when they get there, they’ll find a population hungry for new products and a government willing to dole out tax perks to foreign investors.

Crucially, they’ll also get the opportunity to experiment with flexible business models, as Thailand is home to an increasing number of virtual workspaces. These super agile office solutions are the perfect answer to expansion needs. Click the website link to find out more about the best virtual facilities in central Bangkok.

This guide to their biggest benefits will help you decide if going virtual is a good idea for your startup or small enterprise.

Prestigious Address

The most immediate benefit is access to a premium corporate address. The thing to remember is that, traditionally, the only way to grab high-end spots was to rent an office for a number of years. Even now, this is an extremely expensive affair and just not viable for many companies.

Virtual facilities, on the other hand, are shared among tenants. The physical workspaces and the corporate resources are allocated as and when requested. As the physical environment is designed to be a support for independent routines, the rates are fantastically low.

Superb Communications Tools

While there are all kinds of different resources on offer, the primary provision from these vendors is communications tools. The aim is to help you stay connected all the time, whether that means with video streaming software, customer phone lines, or professional mailboxes.

If you’re in the middle of masterminding a business expansion, there’s nothing more important than keeping these lines of communication open. Often, the only way to do this is with the help of virtual receptionists and secretaries, as you could be working with conflicting time zones.

Conference Rooms

Just because virtual offices don’t come with private, dedicated workspaces, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a physical environment you can visit and use for key tasks. Many of the best facilities in Bangkok contain beautifully designed meeting rooms.

You can hire these spaces anytime that you want and pay for nothing more than the number of minutes you consume. It is a great asset for small businesses, because it’s common to need a good board or conference room, but less common to need them as a permanent resource.

Collaborative Culture

Virtual and coworking vendors are very keen to encourage collaboration within their buildings. They want to help bring people together because there are endless opportunities when creative, ambitious types operate out of the same space.

Whether you’re rubbing shoulders with market rivals or scouting for somebody who can help you design a website; if the energy is inspiring, you’ll make inspiring decisions. Don’t underestimate the benefits of simply being around other professionals.

Where to Find Virtual Offices in Bangkok

You’ll find high-end virtual facilities at the Park Ventures Ecoplex, the Offices at Centralworld and One Silom Road. As anybody familiar with central Bangkok will know, these are pretty impressive spots. If you want to claim one for your business, it’s as easy as registering for a place as a new tenant.

You may be asked to sign an agreement, but this is not a lock in lease of any kind. Virtual vendors do not require their tenants to commit to anything. They are simply invited to use the resources and the physical workspaces for as long or as little time as you prefer. When you do decide to move onwards or upwards (to a private office), there are no termination charges.

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